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All associations at the UdL must register with the Associations Registry to apply for the support or funding that is offered by the University and other bodies. A list of associations and their corresponding regulations can be viewed on the Vice-rector's Office for Students’ website:

Alumni Association

The UdL Alumni Association was set up with the aim of establishing a stable framework in which all past students may engage in an ongoing dialogue that mutually strengthens and builds on their knowledge, once they have completed their university studies. The ultimate aim is to disseminate the University’s way of thinking, air intellectual concerns and discuss professional ambitions to help strengthen the University as an institution.

The mission of this association is to urge all UdL degree holders to form part of and actively participate in a body that enables their ongoing professional growth and that provides them with a place to share time for culture and quality entertainment, whilst upholding the commitment to contribute to improving the prestige of the UdL and social development.

All UdL alumni with official degrees from this university are invited to form part of the association, as are the students who have pursued degrees within the framework of a mobility programme and those who have done so at the university schools in Lleida that once formed part of the universities of Barcelona.


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