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Take part in the activities, classes and workshops offered by the UdL’s Cultural Services. These events bring the world of art and culture closer to the university community.
At the UdL’s Theatre Space, you can join theatre and contemporary dance workshops. The members of the workshops rehearse and stage their creations during the academic year.
The Jordi Jové Poetry Club holds regular lectures and symposiums that are attended by renowned poets and specialists. It also publishes the collection “Versos” and has an archive library and a video library.
The Cine-Ull Film Club aims to help the university community rediscover film through the screening and discussion of films.
The Music Club opens the doors to the world of music and gives participants the opportunity to increase their musical sensitivity along with their academic training. It also coordinates the activities of the University Choir, which rehearses each week throughout the academic year.
Throughout the academic year, the Fine Arts Initiative offers a schedule of exhibitions and installations in the exhibit halls of the Rectorate Campus and the Cappont Centre for Cultures and Cross-border Cooperation.



Cultural Services
Campus de Cappont
C. de Jaume II, 71, planta baixa
E-25001 Lleida
Tel. +34 973 70 33 90
Fax +34 973 70 33 98


Also, students can find more activities at UdL news, and UdL Agend:

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