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This is a service aimed at university graduates and students in the final two years of their degrees and the companies that are looking for people to take up posts in their organisations. The aim of the Emplyment Service is to promote and facilitate entry into the job market for UdL students and graduates, as well as to establish means for collaboration with other entities.

Services offered to UdL students and graduates:

  • Registering in the employment service: Students in the final two years of their degrees and university graduates can contact the University Information and Support Service to obtain an application form, which must be presented together with the curriculum, a photograph and a photocopy of the receipt for the degree, if available.
  • Information about job offers that reach the University can be consulted on the notice boards and the web:
  • Assessment: Practical advice about writing a curriculum, a letter of presentation and an application, tools for job-hunting, public offers.

Services offered to the companies:
  • Bureau with diploma and degree holders, engineers, technical engineers, technical architect and students in their final two years.
  • Pre-selection of candidates who fit the profile and who are looking for work and access to the curriculums which the company is interested in.
  • Publicity for job offers on the notice boards and the web:
  • This is a free service, you only need to contact the Bureau and provide the job offer in writing.

What are educational cooperation programmes?

Through the University-Enterprise Educational Cooperation Programme, students can gain work experience outside of the UdL. This enables them to complete their university education, acquire professional experience and enhance their CVs. They may also receive financial support from some companies.

What requirements need to be met?

To take part in these programmes, students must have successfully completed 50% of the credits of the degree courses on which they have enrolled.

Where can you go for information?

To find out how the work placement programme generally operates, you can go to the University Information and Support Service. However, bear in mind that each school manages its own work placements and, therefore, you must contact the lecturer who supervises this programme at your school directly.

Acknowledgement of work placements

Work placements may be recognised as free-elective credits. Such recognition will depend on the university school.



Employment Service
University Information and Support Service

C. de Jaume II, 67 bis
E-25001 Lleida
Tel. +34 973 70 20 75
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