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Dolors Piera Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Promotion of Women (CDP)

The CDP was created in 2007 as a result of an agreement signed between the Rector and the SIED (Interdisciplinary Seminar of Women’s Studies). The Centre works to raise the awareness of the university community regarding women’s discrimination; promotes gender research and helps to transmit knowledge about women and the knowledge created by women, to include the perspective of gender in teaching, research and management, and to educate professionals in this field. For this reason, the Centre carries out a number of projects; organises courses, conferences and activities to foster equal opportunities; and offers various organisations and bodies technical guidance in drafting equality plans. Based on this premise, the CDP strives to improve the circumstances of women in the UdL,
as well as in society as a whole.

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Interdisciplinary Seminar of Women’s Studies (SIED)

The SIED is an association that brings together the people connected with the university who are interested in everything relating to women’s reality. The seminar promotes and disseminates research on gender issues and organises a number of activities (conferences, seminars, courses, etc.) on the issues that affect women today. The SIED manages the Centre for Women’s Studies and Documentation (CEDD), with a collection of over 4000 volumes and numerous journals, and posts a monthly newsletter.


  • Dolors Piera Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Promotion of Women
  • Campus de Cappont
    C. de Jaume II, 71
    E-25001 Lleida
  • 973 70 33 96
  • 973 70 33 96


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