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What kinds of insurance policies protect students?

All students under the age of 28 who are enrolled on official degree programmes must be covered by a student insurance policy.

Students automatically sign up for this insurance policy when they enrol at the university, for which they must pay the corresponding fee. Given the very limited coverage of this policy, the University recommends that students take out an additional policy.

For any queries or to report an incident, please call the Spanish National Institute of Social Security on (+34) 973 700 759.


Univer Plus accident insurance policy

This accident insurance policy is taken out with a private company that protects the insured in the event of an accident and guarantees medical care (in subsidised healthcare centres) until recovery from injuries, or for a maximum of 365 days. This policy can be purchased (€9) at the time of enrolment.

This insurance policy is optional, with the exception of certain specific cases, about which the secretary’s office at each school will provide information.

For queries or to report an incident, please contact:

Grup Batlle, SL
Correduría de Seguros

Other available insurance policies

Medical care and accidents: for UdL staff or students travelling outside of Spain. This policy covers medical and surgical care in the event of illness or accidents.

To sign up for these insurance policies, please contact the insurance broker Grup Batlle directly.


Civil liability insurance

Among the initiatives designed to promote the use of the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport between the campuses and the city, the UdL offers university community members who use a bicycle the opportunity to purchase a civil liability insurance policy at an exceptional price (€4).

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