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Would you like to contribute to cooperation and development activities?

The UdL’s Cooperation and Solidarity Office (OCS) aims to promote the transfer of professional, teaching and research experience from the university community to developing countries and to raise public awareness in the local community. The activities carried out by the Office include the new charitable mobility programme, the creation of the Information and Documentation for Development Centre, the organisation of free-elective courses and the UdL-specific qualification as a University Specialist in Cooperation for Development, as well as the funding offered for cooperation projects in the fields of teaching, research and culture.

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Donate your 0.7%. You hold the key

Since 1998, the UdL has been allocating 0.7% of its earnings and income on property to activities relating to awareness raising, training and cooperation for development. Moreover, since then some of the University’s lecturers and members of administrative staff have been making voluntary contributions to help finance projects in this area. The UdL now wishes to extend this initiative to students by inviting them to make a voluntary contribution through their registration fees.


Rural Development Cooperation Centre

The Rural Development Cooperation Centre was created in 2006 as a result of the agreement of several institutions to improve the quality of life of the rural communities in the South. It thus serves as a tool for the Catalan institutions that work to develop the rural areas of the countries in the South. The Centre fosters networking and works to create and strengthen the synergies between the various stakeholders in cooperative organisations for rural development. They work together to train professionals, conduct research and promote platforms for thought and debate.

The Centre’s activities include a conference and seminar series, the co-organisation of conventions, and collaboration in the organisation of the UdL’s official Master’s Degree in Development and International Cooperation. The Centre also promotes research networks (RINEB), and has a document repository in which users will find specialised publications on sustainable rural development.

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