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The Language Service responsible for fulfilling the UdL’s language needs and works to ensure the widespread use of Catalan at the University.

Courses and certificates

The Language Service organises language courses (Catalan, Occitan, Spanish, English, etc.) of different levels and with different teaching systems, specialised language courses and other specific courses. Some
of these courses can be validated as free-elective credits.

Students enrolled on general Catalan language courses are eligible to take the LS exams. Passing such exams entitles them to receive the corresponding official certificates.

The Language Service also gives students the opportunity to learn or perfect their Catalan through the Language Self-learning Centre (CAL), with a flexible schedule and at their own individual paces. Conversation groups are also run through this study scheme. Other official language certificates may be recognised as free-elective credits in accordance with a UdL-approved table of equivalences.

Volunteering and language exchange

The Language Service coordinates the Language Volunteers Service, which is made up of members of the university community who take part in activities relating to the promotion of the use of Catalan at the UdL and the reception of non-Catalan speaking students. The idea is to facilitate their integration into the cultural and linguistic environment of Catalonia.

The Language Exchange Programme brings together people who are interested language exchanges.

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