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What is the UdL ID card?
The UdL ID card is a conventional plastic card with a built-in microchip made up of a microprocessor, a programme memory and a work memory divided into different areas. Thanks to this technology, the UdL card is an intelligent card that provides many different services, aside from those strictly associated with university use.
The functions of the UdL ID card
If desired, the ID card can be linked to a bank account (function 4B). If this option is chosen, the card can also be used at automatic teller machines.
This bank account link is optional and completely free of charge: users only need to state their preference when they apply for the card.
The university services available using the card
The UdL ID card must be used for all administrative processes carried out at administrative offices and for access to certain UdL services.
Library loans: the UdL ID card is required to access the library loan services on all the university campuses. This card identifies the user via a bar code.
Access to restricted areas in facilities and buildings that are subject to security controls.
Other services offered by the UdL card
Electronic purse: the card enables the students to make small payments at the UdL, for example, when they use the photocopying machines at the libraries, as well as other services that will gradually be incorporated.

Discounts and savings on cultural activities, cinema, theatre and shopping in establishments around Catalonia. The UdL ID card website offers a list of all the activities and shops where you can enjoy these discounts.
The card can also be used on the flat fare transport system in the Lleida Area (ATM).
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  • Campus de Cappont
    C. Jaume II, 67 bis
    25001 Lleida
  • (+34) 973 00 35 88
  • (+34) 973 00 35 89
  • (+34) 973 00 35 88
  • horari Office hours:
    10:00am - 7:00pm (except friday afternoon)
    10:00am - 2:00pm (Summer office hours)


University Information and Support Service, Tel. (+34) 973 00 35 88 | Contact Form

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