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The University of Lleida Volunteer Office is a service where social tasks can be undertaken in collaboration with several bodies. This service is open to the entire university community and aims to train volunteers and to raise awareness about the volunteer work undertaken with the elderly, children and youth, social programmes, health and preventative services.

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Language volunteers

The Language Service (SL co-ordinates the Linguistic Volunteers, made up of members of the university community who participate in activities related to the reception of non-Catalan-speaking students to help them to integrate into our cultural and linguistic environment and the promotion of Catalan in the UdL.


Servei Lingüístic
Campus de Cappont
C. de Jaume II, 67
E-25001 Lleida
Tel. +34 973 00 35 41
Fax +34 973 00 35 42

Volunteers for International Co-operation

The Cooperation and Solidarity Office (OCS) aims to strengthen the transmission of teaching, professional and research experience to the countries of the so-called Third World and awareness raising at a local level.



Cooperation and Solidarity Office

  • Campus de Cappont
    Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfronterera
    C. de Jaume II, 67 bis
    E-25001 Lleida
  • +34 973 00 35 35
  • +34 973 00 35 36
  • +34 973 00 35 31


Housing for University Volunteers Project

This is an initiative of the Department of Civil Rights, Co-operation and Immigration of Lleida City Council, in collaboration with the University of Lleida and the Municipal Urbanism Company, and is aimed at strengthening the social fabric of the Historic Centre of the city, where university students, who receive an accommodation grant, do volunteer activities in non-profit-making entities.



Vicerectorat d'Activitats Culturals i Projecció Universitària
Edifici del Rectorat
Pl. de Víctor Siurana, 1
E-25003 Lleida
Tel. +34 973 70 20 83
Fax +34 973 70 21 55

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