Tuition Languages

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The two official languages in Catalonia are Catalan and Spanish (also known as Castilian). The latter is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Catalan belongs to the same language family as Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. In Catalonia, Catalan is widely used in public life, the mass media, trade and business. Most Catalan people can speak both Catalan and Spanish. Both official languages are respected at the universities in Catalonia.

Teaching staff and students have the right to express themselves in the official language that they prefer. Lectures are taught in Catalan or in Spanish, depending on the lecturer, and students have the right to use the language they prefer.

To find out the tuition language of particular courses, contact the Academic Coordinator in each faculty/school.

In general, someone who speaks Spanish will not take long to understand Catalan. Therefore, students who spend several months in Lleida can improve their Spanish and at the same time, if they wish to do so, learn another European language such as Catalan. The Language Service tries to help students with their linguistic integration into the university community.

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