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At present, UdL degrees and certificates are divided into cycles. The short-cycle degrees, which last three years, are awarded a diploma or technical engineering certificate; and the long-cycle degrees consist of two cycles (first and second cycles) and conclude with the granting of a university degree or a degree in advanced engineering.

The University of Lleida is also currently implementing new degrees and certificates that are comply with the guidelines of the European Space for Higher Education.

Other degrees and certificates

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Official master’s degrees: The UdL’s official master’s degrees provide students with the opportunity to acquire advanced specialised, multidisciplinary training that will prepare them for an academic or professional specialisation, or that focus on improving learners’ core research skills.

Master’s degrees are awarded credits through the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The number of credits required to pass a master’s degree at the UdL ranges from between 60 and 120 ECTS. The ECTS grade academic performance based on the estimated time the average student devotes to face-to-face and distance learning activities in order to obtain one or more educational objectives, which are grouped together as subjects or modules. In all cases, the subject matter taught must be related to the different course descriptions. At the UdL, an ECTS credit is calculated on the basis of 25 hours’ work by the average student.

Doctoral degrees: Doctoral courses at the UdL aim to provide training in advanced research procedures and techniques. All courses require students to write and submit a doctoral thesis that is related to a piece of scientific work with original research results.

Lifelong learning: this option consists of all those courses that together with officially recognised course are designed to update personal and professional skills. The UdL has set up high quality courses that can be taken as postgraduate courses, specialisation courses, university master’s degrees, university extension courses, etc.

Campus and University Schools and Faculties

The UdL’s four campuses are made up of schools and faculties, which teach one or more subject areas.

The schools and faculties run a number of courses, which are awarded an official university certificate or qualification on completion. The UdL has seven of its own schools and three UdL-affiliated schools.

The UdL’s twenty-six departments are staffed by the lecturers who teach the subjects assigned to each course. The teaching staff devises the course content that counts towards the credits awarded by the University’s schools and faculties. Each department has a physical location on one of the campuses.

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