Enrolment procedure for the doctoral degree

Enrolment procedure for the doctoral degree

Start of the academic year: 1 october 2018

Approved by the Steering Committee of the Doctoral School at the meeting on 20 July 2017



Enrolment is open from 3 September 2018 to 30 April 2019



Enrolment is open from 3 September 2018 to 31 October 2018

  • Trainee researchers must enrol for academic supervision during every academic year of their doctoral studies.
  • They may not enrol for academic supervision in the second year unless the academic committee of the doctoral programme has approved the research programme submitted in the previous academic year.
  • Annual evaluations have been qualified.


Steps to be followed


  1. Fill in the application for enrolment in the doctoral programme.
  1. Contact the Doctoral Programme Office to enrol and submit the necessary documentation.

E-Mail: doctorat@aga.udl.cat

Mailing Address:

Pl. de Víctor Siurana, 1 25003 Lleida

Tel. +34 (9) 73 702 043


  1. In cases in which enrolment is free or at reduced cost, the supporting document must be presented:
    • Grantholders: a photocopy of the last proof of status.
    • Large families and special large families: a photocopy of a valid large family card. If the card does not show the list of children, a certificate issued by the corresponding department of the Catalan government or an equivalent body of other regions must also be presented.
    • Disabled: a supporting document.
    • Victims of terrorism: a supporting document.
    • Victims of domestic violence: a supporting document.


  1. Tuition fees: Learning support fees, compulsory educational insurance policy and contracted services must be paid in full at the time of enrolment.
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Academic regulations

Article 12  of  Academic regulations on doctoral courses at the University of Lleida states as follows:

Enrolments shall not be deemed to have been completed until paid in full. If trainee researchers fail to enrol in any given academic year, they will be subject to retroactive payment of the corresponding fees. Failure to enrol for academic supervision during two consecutive academic years will entail definitive disenrollment from the doctoral programme.

The Government of Catalonia sets and approves the fees for academic services at public universities in Catalonia annually by decree, which establishes that failure to pay enrolment fees or any of their instalments give rise to the temporary suspension of the trainee researcher concerned until the end of the academic year. The suspension becomes definitive at the end of this period. In such cases, the enrolment and its effects are cancelled and no refund will be made. The UdL demands payment for any academic supervision pending enrolment from previous academic years if a trainee has not officially withdrawn from a doctoral course.

Student insurance is mandatory for any trainee researchers under the age of 28. Foreign trainee researchers who are 28 or older must submit the original and a copy of a health and accident insurance policy that is valid throughout Spain.

Students may apply for total withdrawal of an enrolment if a tutor has given a favourable report to do so. The approval of such withdrawals does not imply that the enrolment fees will be refunded.


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