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The International Relations Office is the service that supplies information, and assessment and manages the academic mobility programmes.
  • What is the Socrates/Erasmus programme? The main aim of this programme is to promote academic co-operation and mobility for students and teaching staff between different higher educational institutions around the EU and in other associated countries.
  • And the UdL’s mobility programme? This programme allows academic mobility between universities outside Europe in countries such as Mexico, the USA, Canada and Chile among others.
  • And the SICUE programme? The Exchange System between University Centres in Spain (SICUE) is a programme inspireed by the experience with Erasmus and is designed to establish an exchange programme between university students from different autonomous regions in Spain.

You can select your profile to find more information about international programmes on the International Relations Office (ORI) web page:

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Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
  • Universitat de Lleida
  • Campus de Cappont                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfronterera
    Carrer de Jaume II, 67
    E-25001 Lleida
    Cataluña, España, EU
  • (+34) 973 003 530 / 532 / 534
  • (+34) 973 003 531


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