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  NEWS YEAR 2009
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21/12/09/ The New Food Processing Technologies Research Group at the UdL is conducting a project on the use of nanotechnology to improve the preservation of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables. The research has received 100,000 euros in funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation [+]

16/12/09/ Joan Viñas asks the Government of Catalonia for leading facilities on a European level and to refrain from creating science parks in the same field in other Catalan towns, particularly in the Greater Barcelona area [+]

03/12/09/ The new courses in Biomedicine, and Audiovisual Communication and Journalism contribute to an increase in enrolments. The faculties of Educational Sciences, and Law and Economics have the highest number of students [+]
Xiu Gang i Joan Viñas. Universitat de LleidaINTERNATIONAL
28/11/09/ The UdL promotes a master’s degree in teaching Spanish and Catalan to immigrants. Each year one student will be able to attend practical sessions at the Tianjin Foreign Studies University [+]
Colloque Simone de Beauvoir. Universitat de Lleida SYMPOSIUM
24/11/09/ The UdL opens the international symposium on the author of “The Second Sex”. This year marks the 50th anniversary since the publication of Simone de Beauvoir’s controversial book [+]

24/11/09/ Carles Mateu, with the help of Albert Mas, has set up the website, which gives information about the potential dangers on the network and offers tools to ensure a reliable configuration. The local police force is looking into using it as a baseline [+]

17/11/09/ IT engineers from the Polytechnic School create a prototype that identifies false 2 euro coins. In a paper in the scientific journal Sensors they explain how the sensor on some optical mice can detect these false coins, the most commonly forged in Europe [+]

10/11/09/ Four of the seven machines built at the ETSEA will be sent tomorrow to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal, Canada, two more will go to the IRTA Pig Control and Assessment Centre, in Girona, whilst the last one will remain at the UdL so that research can continue [+]

27/10/09/ Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia were the main attraction at the opening of the PCiTAL yesterday. After a brief ceremony for which guest waited a long time, the prince and princess went round one of the Park’s H-shaped buildings and had a close look at the two chromatographs the UdL has installed there [+]

22/10/09/ The Minister of Science and Innovation, founder of the Genetrix Group, will preside over the graduation ceremony on 26 October. The degree is given the support of around twenty Lleida-based companies that offer internships for students [+]

16/09/09/ Coinciding with the start of the 2009-2010 academic year, a number of commemorative events are to be held. The programme comprises one congress, two seminars, nine conferences and two exhibitions [+]

02/09/09/ The Government of Catalonia recognises individual and overall teaching standards with this prize. The UdL Polytechnic School was awarded it for its project designed to supervise final theses [+]

01/09/09/ The device is a heat sink that increases the amount of electricity obtained and lengthens the useful life of photovoltaic cells. The research will now focus on possible applications in the field of microelectronics [+]

24/07/09/ The Board of Governors has approved new degree programmes for the 2010-2011 academic year. The degrees in question are in Computer Engineering, Mechanics, Agricultural and Food Industries, Electronic, Industrial and Automation, and the new degree in Physiotherapy [+]

13/07/09/ After the success of the courses which have been taken in the city of Lleida, the 17th edition officially took off in La Seu d'Urgell, where until the 24th, there are 16 courses of subjects from nutrition to emotional education [+]

09/07/09/ A compulsory exercise makes aspiring doctors experience for themselves the limits which old people suffer by putting themselves in their patient’s situation. The pilot scheme was used on a course on the 17th Summer University [+]

01/07/09/ The Majorcan singer and song writer will become the third woman to receive this academic distinction from the UdL, at an act which will be held on the 28th of October. The Governing Council has also agreed to grant the doctorat honoris causa award to the North American pneumologist Richard W. Light [+]

22/06/09/ Researchers from the UdL Chemistry Department are the only Spanish representatives in a research project financed by the European Union, which analyses the potential toxicity of these nanoscopic materials for the first time [+]

16/06/09/ A book by UdL lecturer Joan Pallarés reveals that teenagers relate drug consumption to leisure contexts. However, they reject it when it happens aside from the group or when it entails economic problems. According to the book written by a UdL lecturer, young people relate drug consumption to leisure contexts [+]

12/06/09/ Works will be carried out in summer and will also examine the moat’s escarp. This is the first to be discovered in Catalonia and the Ebro river Valley and the most ancient one found in the Iberian Peninsula [+]
4th Catalan Parliament of the World’s ReligionsCONFERENCE
12/06/09/ UdL hosted the 4th Catalan Parliament of the World’s Religions, as a prelude to the International Parliament of the World’s Religions that will take place in Melbourne in December  [+]
Atles de la ruralitat. UdLRESEARCH
10/06/09/ A survey at UdL leaded by the Chair in Geography Ignasi Aldomà reveals that more and more people choose to move to small villages  [+]
03/06/09/ UdL assigned nearly 43,000 Euros to assisting students with disabilities in 2009, 30,000 of which will be provided by AGAUR [+]
Dexter, un dels assassins en sèrie que apareix a l'estudi d'Isabel SantaulàriaPUBLICATIONS
28/05/09/ A book by a UdL lecturer examines more than 200 stories that feature serial killers in literature, cinema and television [+]

25/05/09/ Xavier Matias-Guiu, Chair in Anatomic Pathology at UdL, Head of the Pathological Anatomy Service at Arnau de Vilanova Universtiy Hospital and Director of the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRB Lleida), received the Josep Trueta Award for Scientific Research granted by the Medical Sciences Academy of Catalonia and the Balearics [+]

25/05/09/ The final report by the assessment committee of the European University Association concluded that UdL is on the right track for development since the last evaluation. The interweaving between university and territory was especially praised [+]

21/05/09/ Around 50 people participated in the closing event of a transnational project that has gathered researchers from six European countries for the last three years [+]
Premi a la UdL pel reciclatge de pilesAWARDS
15/05/09/ UdL received a state award for battery recycling. 150 kilos of batteries were collected in a year in the ETSEA and Cappont campuses [+]
Internet en la Educación Secundaria: pensar, buscar y construir. Manoli Pifarré, Conxita Vendrell i Jaume Sanuy. UdLPUBLICATIONS
14/05/09/ After six years of research, four UdL lecturers author a book that examines the benefits of the Internet as an educational tool [+]

07/05/09/ The UdL Research Group on Art and Culture of the Modern Period, leaded by Professor Ximo Company, organised an exhibition that gathered masterpieces of Spanish painting that included works by Goya, Velázquez, Murillo, El Greco and Zurbarán [+]

05/05/09/ The seventeenth edition of the UdL Summer University programme offers 41 courses in various areas, such as emotional education, new media on the Internet, or ecologic production. This year the Montsec Astronomical Observatory in Àger will join as a venue to the Summer University [+]

05/05/09/ Doctor Joan Massagué, Chairman of the Cancer Biology and Genetics Program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and winner of the Prince of Asturias Award, spoke about the present challenges of Biomedicine in the area of oncology at the Seu Vella cathedral [+]

04/05/09/ UdL tightens its bonds with California. David Gardner, President Emeritus of the University of California, visited ETSEA and gave a speech in the Rectorat building [+]

30/04/09/ The fourth edition of this biannual contest was devoted to eating disorders and registered the highest number of participants in its history. The organisers received nearly 300 cartoons from countries such as Iran, Israel, Australia, China, Azerbaijan or Syria among others [+]

22/04/09/ According to the 2008 Report of the CYD Foundation for Knowledge and Development, the University of Lleida was ranked first in Spain as regards this area. UdL also occupies the first place concerning the ratio of library seats per student for the second consecutive year. [+]
08/04/09/ Detecting weeds in their initial phase of growth to spare costs in their elimination is the goal of the first guide on this subject published in Spanish. Its authors are UdL lecturers Jordi Recasens and Josep Antoni Conesa. The guide allows improving early detection and treatment of plagues as well as reducing costs [+]
30/03/09/ UdL has obtained the Spanish patent for the creation of a concentration solar power system, and has already started the proceedings for obtaining an international patent. This system produces heat, cold and electricity and can be architecturally integrated into the buildings where it is installed [+]
20/03/09/ The Interculturality and Development research group will coordinate a project aimed at creating a reliable database to devise research and specific policies in this field in the Lleida region [+]
17/03/09/ The Commissioner for Universities and Research Blanca Palmada made this announcement during the inauguration of the animal house and the new anatomy room at the Faculty of Medicine. Palmada added that this investment "will help to complete the Biomedicine project at UdL." [+]
12/03/09/ Researchers from the University of Lleida, the University of Alcalá and the Spanish National Research Council have developed a model that can make long-term predictions of a higher risk of fires caused by human action in a specific area [+]
11/03/09/ UdL has started to implement measures scheduled in the document written by the Dolors Piera Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Promotion of Women. These measures include the revision of curricula and the teaching of courses on non-sexist language for university staff [+]
06/03/09/ About 80 experts from 12 different countries participated in the 3rd Workshop on Weeds and Biodiversity, which took place at the Cappont Campus. Specialists in the field came from Spain, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland  [+]
05/03/09/ After Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Lleida occupies the second place in Catalonia as regards the percentage of publications in the area of biomedical research, standing over more productive Catalan universities such as UB and UAB [+]
18/02/09/ The Catalan government awarded two UdL researchers in the first edition of the ICREA Academia programme, which awards academic excellence in research and capacity for leadership. The prize winners were the lecturer in Food Science and Technology Olga Martín Belloso and the Chair in Art History Ximo Company  [+]
11/02/09/ The Nutren Centre at UdL offers international experts and leading technology to companies working on agri-food, pharmaceutics, healthcare and cosmetics. A new service area will be introduced during the second half of 2009, providing personalised studies in genetics and metabolism to individuals [+]
10/02/09/ The International Cooperation Centre organised this event from the 16th to the 19th February with the sponsorship of Bancaja. The programme combined workshops, round tables, film showings, a batuka show, a concert and an intercultural lunch. All events were free and open to the general public [+]
27/01/09/ The Botanic Garden is becoming a reality. The first plants have been received and are already being planted. The some hundred units received will be part of a landscape comprised of a beech and a sequoia forest, an American oak grove and a euxinic forest. The botanic garden is due to be finished in spring [+]
Ignacio Ramonet visita la UdL The Director of Le Monde Diplomatique for 18 eighteen years, Ignacio Ramonet, visited the UdL

21/01/09/ Ignacio Ramonet, Director of Le Monde Diplomatique for 18 eighteen years, visited the Information and Documentation Centre at UdL. In his speech, the former Director asserted that a different world is not only possible but absolutely necessary [+]
20/01/09/ The Commissioner for Universities and Research Blanca Palmada announced that the Catalan government will finance its construction. The new premises aim at becoming a reference in research at a state level. The new consortium will be equipped with high technology to foster research in Agri-food and Forest Science [+]


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