Board of Trustees

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Greetings from the Chair

President Consell Social
Delfí Robinat i Català

The Board of Trustees of the University of Lleida, which I have the honour of presiding, is the body though which society participates in our university.

According to Law 1/2003 of 19 February, on universities of Catalonia, the functions of the Board of Trustees focus mainly on economic, budgetary and asset management and ​​on programming and university management. It also cooperates with the Executive Council to establish strategic criteria and priorities.

The Board of Trustees is characterised additionally by its strong social commitment and its spirit of collaboration, seeking to strengthen ties between the University and civil society, the public sector and the productive sector. On the one hand, the Board transmits the activities carried out by the University and establishes links with the government institutions that make decisions that affect the University. On the other hand, it conveys the needs, demands and concerns of society to the university community.

We are lucky to work in, and for, a university with high levels of excellence and quality, which are recognized in prestigious university rankings. It is a public university that is closely committed to the local area and open to the participation of everyone who shares these values.

You are invited to send us proposals, initiatives and suggestions for improvement. Your contributions are a fundamental tool for helping the Board of Trustees to carry out its work.


Delfí Robinat i Català