The Research

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The departments that make up the UdL constitute the basic structure for research.

This structure is complimented by the University Research Institute (Institute of Agro-Food Research and Technology). Moreover, the UdL has a network of research infrastructures that either belong to university scientific research services or departmental research assistance services.

The management structure for research is run by the Vice-rector's Office for Research and Innovation and the Technology Transfer Centre, which is in charge of promoting and disseminating research activities and contacting businesses.

The UdL has research groups that have been classified as consolidated research groups by the Government of Catalonia. This means the UdL has gained official recognition in a number of fields of scientific excellence.


Vice-rector's Office for Research and Transfer
Vice-rector: Olga Martín Belloso
Pl. de Víctor Siurana, 1
E-25003 Lleida

Tel. +34 973 70 20 18
Fax +34 973 70 20 36

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