21st January 2009

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Ignacio Ramonet, Director of Le Monde Diplomatique for 18 eighteen years, visited the Information and Documentation Centre at UdL

. In his speech, the former Director asserted that a different world is not only possible but absolutely necessary

Ignacio Ramonet, al CIDD de la UdL
[+] AMPLIAR IMATGEIgnacio Ramonet with Núria Camps, Director of the UdL Centre for International Cooperation
Ignacio Ramonet is currently lecturing in Communication Theory atDenis Diderot University in Paris. A specialist in geopolitics and international strategy, he has authored books such as The Visual Sweet, The Tyranny of Communication, A World without Direction or Wars of the 21st century. Ramonet had already visited the University of Lleida in 2005 when he acted as patron at the Faculty of Arts graduation ceremony.

In his speech, the former Director of Le Monde Diplomathique asserted that a different world is not only possible but absolutely necessary. Admired by some and criticised by others for his commitment, this journalist is cofounder of ATTAC and Media Watch Global. Moreover, he was one of the promoters of the Porto Alegre World Social Forum.

During his visit to the UdL Information and Documentation Centre (CIDD), Ramonet showed a great interest for the Sud&Nord collections edited by the International Cooperation Centre, as well as for the "Al voltant de..." notebooks.

CIDD was created in 1999 as a resource centre that specialises in issues related to cooperation for development and solidarity, such as human development, human rights, immigration, environment and sustainability, fair trade, etc. 


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