COVID-19: UdL's buildings and facilities closed to the public from March 16
Academic activities will continue on-line

The buildings and facilities of the UdL will be closed to the public from March 16, and access to any external person will be prohibited, except for teaching and research staff, administration and services staff and other personnel that provides professional services to the University of Lleida ( UdL).

The permanent communication channel will be the news space of the university's website and, for staff and students, also the 'Comunicacions UdL' section on the virtual campus, where the notices will be published, complemented with communications by email to all members of the university community.

[Instruction of the Rector of the University of Lleida on the State of Alarm declared in Spain as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus pandemic ]

International Relations

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International Relations is the unit in charge of managing academic exchange programmes at the University of Lleida, such as Erasmus+ and the UdL Mobility Programme, among others.  It encourages mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff towards other higher education institutions, and it also promotes the reception and integration at the University of Lleida of students and staff coming from universities abroad.  Likewise, International Relations channels agreement proposals furthered by lecturers at the UdL or by staff from other higher education institutions.

On the other hand, the International Relations unit participates in the international projection of the University of Lleida, both by attending international conferences and fairs, and also by managing grant schemes such as the Fellowship Programme for Master’s courses, which is meant for graduate students holding a bachelor’s degree from a university in a foreign country and intending to study a master’s degree programme at the University of Lleida as degree-seeking students.

As a part of the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations and Cooperation, the International Relations unit also helps to devise the international policy at the University of Lleida, contained in its Operational Plan for Internationalisation.