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  NEWS YEAR 2013
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Conveni Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera  - Universitat de LleidaThe UdL strengthens environmental research in collaboration with the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation
18/10/13/ The Natura Areas Network is available to students for bachelor's theses thanks to an agreement.
Concurs IDEA de negoci / Universitat de LleidaThe IdeaUdL competition doubles the call for proposals and the number of awards
17/10/13/ Alcarrás Town Council and four companies are sponsoring an agri-food line.
Biblioteca de Cappont - Universitat de LleidaThe national meeting of university libraries brings together 200 experts at the UdL
15/10/13/ The meeting focuses on social networking and Web 2.0.
Corpus Literari Salvador Espriu / Universitat de LleidaThe literary heritage of Espriu is available in the UdL's Digital Literary Corpus
14/10/13/ It includes manuscripts, first editions, voice recordings and film footage of the writer.
Portal Learn Europe / Universitat de LleidaThe UdL and the UOC create an educational portal on the European Union
11/10/13/ It offers content, downloadable materials and games for teachers of any EU country.
Universitat de LleidaThe UdL is the second most transparent Catalan university
09/10/13/ It is just behind the Pompeu Fabra University according to a national report that analyzes the information on the website.
Diego Garcia / Bioètica / Universitat de LleidaOne of the leading authorities in bioethics visits the UdL
08/10/13/ Diego Gracia, professor emeritus at the Complutense University of Madrid visited the Health Sciences Campus.
ETSEA / Universitat de LleidaThe ETSEA will host two official laboratories of the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture
07/10/13/ The animal and plant health facilities will be located on the premises that the IRTA will vacate at the end of the year.
Congrés avicultura / Universitat de LleidaThe UdL hosts the National Poultry Science Conference
02/10/13/ The meeting, deaing with subjects such as food safety, brought together 360 professionals from all over Spain.
Fruitcentre  / Universitat de LleidaThe Fruitcentre opens with the ambition of doing world-class food research
25/09/13/ The opening ceremony was attended by the rector, the Minister of Agriculture, the Director General of the IRTA and the mayor.
Agrotecnio  / Universitat de LleidaAgrotecnio will promote research in coordination with IRBLleida
20/09/13/ The research centre, which was officially presented today, aspires to become an international benchmark.
Estudi Salut mental Universitat de LleidaPatients and relatives self-stigmatize, according to a study of mental health in Lleida
20/09/13/ The work was led by the UdL lecturer Xavier Pilgrim and the mental health expert Gemma Fleta.
Cabeza i Hennenberg / Universitat de LleidaTwo new ICREA Acadèmia awards for UdL researchers
19/09/13/ Jordi Martí Henneberg of the Faculty of Arts and Luisa Cabeza of the School of Engineering.
Albert Ibarz  / Universitat de LleidaA professor at the UdL receives an honorary doctorate from a Peruvian university
13/09/13/ Albert Ibarz was awarded this distinction by the National University of Trujillo.
Campus Iberus  / Universitat de LleidaThe Iberus Campus will offer a UdL-specific degree in entrepreneurship in the next academic year
09/09/13/ The Governing Council of the consortium approved the Action Plan for 2014 at the UdL.
Aplicació per a mòbils / dispositius de regs / Universitat de LleidaThe UdL wins the Vicens Vives prize for alternating learning
29/08/13/ The award-winning project was "Improvement in initial training of primary school teachers through the alternating model””.
Aplicació per a mòbils / dispositius de regs / Universitat de LleidaDesign of the first platform in the world for recommending irrigation through mobile devices
25/07/13/ The application is compatible with both Android and iOS.
Recerca a la Universitat de LleidaThe UdL is the second university in Spain in excellence of scientific production
29/07/13/ It is the first in the field of agriculture, according to the latest report by the CyD Foundation.
Cambra d'ambient controlat per a arbre / Universitat de LleidaTrees have an internal “clock” that affects their water balance
16/07/13/ This was revealed by a study led by an Australian university with the participation of the UdL.
Laboratori de Biotecnologia, a l'ETSEA de la Universitat de LleidaResearchers from all over the world visit the ETSEA
11/07/13/ They came to find out about research in applied plant biotechnology.
Cappont Universitat de LleidaThe UdL is one of the most productive public universities in Spain
09/07/13/ It is the eighth in research, according to a ranking drawn up by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research.
Projecte de cooperació a Togo / Universitat de Lleida / FOTO: Kokouvi TeteThe UdL launches 13 cooperation projects in Africa and Latin Americ
04/07/13/ The Development Cooperation Office is distributing €50,000 to promote agricultural, educational and health programmes, among others.
Congrés Agricultura de Precisió a la Universitat de LleidaThe UdL hosts the European Conference of Precision Agriculture for the first time in Spain
02/07/13/ Experts from five continents discussed the latest technological advances on the Cappont campus.
Estudiants de la Universitat de LleidaThe UdL proposes four new master’s degrees for the 2014-2015 academic year
26/06/13/ The Governing Council approves two teaching support programmes thanks to tuition revenue.
International Medieval Meeting a la UdLThe ideology of authority was the topic of the Third International Medieval Meeting
25/06/13/ More than 200 medievalists from all over the world gathered at the UdL between 26 and 28 June.
Grup de recerca de Fonaments Biològics dels Trastorns Mentals IRB Lleida UdLBipolar disorder disrupts cognitive abilities and quality of life
14/06/13/ This was revealed by a study by the UdL and the Hospital de Santa Maria published in the international journal Psychological Medicine.
Foto: Red Visual Group / Estudi sobre la depressió de la Universitat de LleidaLevel of education protects older women from depression
11/06/13/ A nursing study also revealed that men with partners suffer less depression.
La UdL líder en Tecnologia d'AlimentsThe UdL is the Spanish leader in food technology
27/05/13/ It occupies the first position in high-impact research, according to the I-URG 2013 ranking of Spanish universities.
Certificat d'Estudis Hispànics UdLThe UdL graduated its seventh cohort of students in Hispanic Studies
24/05/13/ Thirty Chinese students collected their certificate at a ceremony in the Sala Víctor Siurana.
Conservació aliments de IV gamma / UdLPrize-winning project of the UdL and IRTA to preserve gamma-irradiated fruit
20/05/13/ VALORTEC will help to market the patent for a new microorganism that inhibits certain pathogens.
Recerca indignats 15 M / Carles Feixa / UdLThe UdL coordinates an international study on the 15-M and other “indignants” movements
14/05/13/ Professor Carles Feixa is leading the work of European and American experts, which has resulted in the first book on the subject.
Estudio poscosecha Universitat de LleidaThe UdL and IRTA publish a guide on postharvest fruit management
09/05/13/ The guide was written by lecturers of the ETSEA for the application of technology in quality conservation and improvement.
Beques Jade Plus a la Universitat de LleidaThirty Latin American students study at the UdL thanks to the JADE and JADE Plus programmes
08/05/13/ The rector and the director of Santander Universidades España awarded their degrees on 8 May.
Llum ultraviolada per conservar millor el vi  / Universitat de LleidaUltraviolet light to better preserve wine
06/05/13/ A study by researchers of the ETSEA finds that it can largely replace sulfur dioxide.
Foto: Sanja GjeneroTeenagers and people without children are worse at anger management
29/04/13/ Three UdL researchers determine the importance of relationships in emotion regulation.
Arborètum Universitat de LleidaThe Arboretum opens its doors to the people of Lleida
26/04/13/ The Pius Font i Quer Botanical Garden can be visited free of charge until 31 August.
Debat política social de la UE a la Universitat de LleidaDebate on social policy of the European Union at the UdL
22/04/13/ The round table organized by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence will take place on the 24th of this month at Cappont.
Trobada degans agrònoms a la Universitat de LleidaSpanish agronomy and forestry schools in favour of international accreditation of qualifications
19/04/13/ The ETSEA hosted the National Conference of Schools and Faculties in this area.
Moto Racing Engineering / Universitat de LleidaThe UdL participates for the second time in the MotoStudent competition
17/04/13/ Students of the Polytechnic School face students from all over the world at the circuit of Alcanyís.
Mobilitat en l'àmbit agrari / Universitat de LleidaEncouraging English in degrees is key to promoting mobility at the ETSEA
16/04/13/ The school hosts a meeting of mobility managers in the agricultural sector throughout Europe.
Pannells solars / Universitat de LleidaDesign of a new, more efficient solar collector to heat water
15/04/13/ UdL researchers improve the utilization of daylight hours and reduce heat loss.
Nou projecte per desenvolupar un Assistent Personal Robòtic (APR) / Universitat de LleidaThe UdL begins to develop a robotic personal assistant for people with disabilities
11/04/13/ The Indra Chair-Adecco Foundation helps them to work in teams electronically.
Vídeo accesible / UdLPublication of a guide to making videos accessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities
11/04/13/ Educators, librarians, computer technicians and multimedia experts of the Universities of Lleida and Barcelona participated in the project.
Trobada experts en envelliment a la UdLMeeting of European experts in social aging at the UdL
09/04/13/ The Dedal-Lit group is participating in various projects on longevity with other universities.
Apnea - foto: Diario médicoA thesis of the UdL demonstrates that people can suffer from sleep apnea without daytime sleepiness
02/04/13/ The work by Núria Roure opens up new avenues for the diagnosis of this respiratory syndrome.
Estudiants d'Iowa visiten la Universitat de LleidaThe University of Iowa discovers the ETSEA and the agri-food industry of Lleida
18/03/13/ A group of students and lecturers from the American university visited the UdL.
II Congrés Intel·ligència Emocional a la Universitat de LleidaNeuroleadership, commitment and creativity: tools for success at work
13/03/13/ In April the Cappont campus will host the Second Conference on Emotional Intelligence.
Departament de Química de la Universitat de LleidaThe UdL participates in the design of a European regulation on safety of nanomaterials
04/03/13/ The Department of Chemistry is collaborating in the project, which has a budget of about €50 million.
Xarxa Europea continguts audiovisuals - GRIHO - Universitat de LleidaThe UdL promotes a European network of audiovisual content
25/02/13/ The GRIHO research group is the only Spanish participant in a project to facilitate access and marketing.
SonCube - EPS - Universitat de LleidaThe Polytechnic School is one of the sponsors of a probe to explore the stratosphere
20/02/13/ Its promotor, Enrique Herrero, is giving a talk on Friday to explain the project.
DIRB Lleida - Universitat de Lleida UdL Discovery of the molecular mechanism of one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer among young women
14/02/13/ A research project of IRBLleida and Saint Louis University opens the door to new treatments.
Estudiantat de mobilitat a la Universitat de Lleida UdL Record number of foreign students at the UdL this year
08/02/13/ The University has received 344 mobility students, the highest figure in the last ten years.
Programa per a la gestió de centres educatius - Universitat de Lleida raduates of the UdL create a platform to manage educational establishments online
04/02/13/ It is a comprehensive system with the support of the Technology Springboard that will be exported to the Latin American market.
Càtedra d'Estudis Asiàtics - Universitat de Lleida The UdL's Chair of Asian Studies is designing its first master's degree
01/02/13/ It is directed by Joan Julià-Muné and the medium-term objective is to offer a bachelor's degree in this discipline.
Oxidació de lípids / UdL Lleida advances in the diagnosis and possible treatment of multiple sclerosis
15/01/13/ A study by the University of Lleida and the Catalan Health Institute reveals the importance of lipid oxidation.
Doble titulació enginyeria / UdL The UdL will teach a double degree in engineering with Denmark next year
11/01/13/ Students must spend at least one academic year abroad.
Certificat d'anglès / UdL New English certificate valid for all European universities
11/01/13/ Students of the UdL can take the examination this year, and it will later be offered to the general public.
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