22th April 2009

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UdL is the first public university in terms of teaching quality
. The last report of the CYD Foundation for Knowledge and Development ranks UdL the first in this area 
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The University of Lleida occupies the first place among public universities in Spain in terms of teaching quality, according to the last report of the CYD Foundation for Knowledge and Development corresponding to 2008. Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and the University of Cantabria follow in the second and third position, while the University of Zaragoza and the University of Salamanca were ranked fourth and fifth respectively.
In order to measure the quality of teaching, the CYD Foundation takes into account the university’s academic efficiency, its resources and its degree of opening towards the outside. For the second consecutive year, the University of Lleida is ranked first in Spain as regards the ratio of seats in its libraries, with 3.39 seats per student. It also stands at the head of the ranking with reference to the ratio of teaching and research staff per student (9.87).

Moreover, UdL shows one of the highest percentages concerning expenses per student, with an average of 7,514 Euros. This constitutes the third highest amount in Spain after the University of Navarra and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). It is worth mentioning that UdL has climbed up eight positions in this area with respect to the 2007 report.

Another indicator the CYD Foundation survey takes into account is the performance rate, that is, the percentage of credits passed in relation to the total of registered credits: UdL students in first- and second-cycle degrees passed 69.02% of credits. UdL figures are thus the fifth best in Spain and the third best in Catalonia, only outperformed by UPF and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Concerning the degree of opening towards the outside, UdL occupies the sixth place in Spain and the first among Catalan public universities as regards the percentage of students coming from outside the province, with a percentage of 32.20%.

Finally, and in relation to the quality of PhD programmes, it is worth highlighting that the University of Lleida is ranked among the ten best universities in Spain.



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Teaching quality at the University of Lleida, among the best in Spain


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