14th may 2009

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After six years of research, four UdL lecturers author a book that examines the benefits of the Internet as an educational tool

Grup cognició i context de la Universitat de Lleida
[+] AMPLIAR IMATGEManoli Pifarré, Conxita Vendrell and Jaume Sanuy
 A good use of the Internet helps secondary school students to select and organise information in a critical way, to acquire IT competences and to learn contents from different curricular areas. These are some of the statements in the book Internet in Secondary Education: Thinking, Searching and Constructing, written by UdL lecturers Manoli Pifarré, Jaume Sanuy, Conxita Vendrell and Susana Gòdia.

The volume is the product of six years of research carried by the UdL research group on Cognition and Context and includes the participation of around twenty teachers and some 400 students in Lleida. The result is a guide that provides secondary school teachers with a series of conceptual tools to design, organise and manage didactic units. Using the Internet can promote learning, while it can teach students how to use search engines in an effective way.

The book was presented on the 18th May in the Maria Rúbies Room in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The event was followed by a round table formed by Manoli Pifarré, Jordi Vivancos (Head of the Knowledge and Learning Technologies Unit in the Generalitat Ministry of Education), Natàlia Iranzo (teacher at IES Ronda Secondary School), Lourdes Codina (teacher at IES Guindàvols Secondary School) and Ramon Bergadà (teacher at IES Terres de Ponent Secondary School). The session was chaired by UdL lecturer Fidel Molina.






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