10th february 2009

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Asha Miró opens the 1st Intercultural Week at UdL
. Workshops, round tables, music, cinema and gastronomy promote knowledge of other cultures

Asha Miró a la Setmana Intercultural de la Universitat de Lleida
Asha Miró
The Hindu writer and TV presenter Asha Miró opened the first Intercultural Week at the University of Lleida, organised by the International Cooperation Centre in collaboration with Bancaja. The core of Miró’s opening talk was her last book, Rastres de Sàndal (Sandalwood Traces), which examines the issues of international adoption and child exploitation. The programme combined workshops, round tables and film showings with social activities, which started with a Batuka show that took place at the Cappont and ETSEA campuses on the 16th February at 10.30 a.m.

The event bore the title “Migration, Culture and Development: The Worth of One’s Own Values. All activities were free and open to the general public.

The Intercultural Week took place between the 16th and the 19th February at the Cappont campus. The Video-conference Room at the Cultures Centre hosted workshops in henna painting, Arabic writing, masks from the Beijing opera, Chinese calligraphy and news report writing on immigration issues. The venue for round tables was the Information and Documentation for Development Centre and the topics discussed were "Medicine, agriculture and intercultural issues" and "Education, literature and intercultural issues".  

Immigrasons a la Setmana Intercultural de la Universitat de Lleida
The programme also included a showing of two films: El baño del Papa (The Pope’s Toilet), winner of the 14th Lleida Latin-American Film Festival, and Moodaale, a film awarded at the Cannes Festival in 2004 which examines ablation in Senegal. The social agenda consisted of a concert by Immigrasons at the Cafè Teatre de l'Escorxador, and an intercultural lunch organised by the Latin American Centre that included dishes from Nicaragua, Paraguay, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Colombia,.

Both the Vice-rector for International Relations and Cooperation Carme Figuerola and the Bancaja Director of the Lleida-Tarragona area Joan Carles Bonfill highlighted the importance of strengthening intercultural relations, since knowledge of other realities and cultures proves an enriching experience.


1a Setmana Intercultural de la Universitat de Lleida

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