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fletxa-cercle R&D&I Support Office


The R&D&I Support Office’s mission is to encourage and manage research activities carried out in the University’s various departments. Its ultimate aim is to act as an interface between the University and businesses. 

The purpose of the Office is to promote the process of technological innovation in the local industrial sector. It is primarily involved with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) through the transfer of the research results obtained or which may be obtained at the UdL. This relationship benefits both parties as research must be linked to the needs of society and of business, particularly in view of the fact that the work undertaken in research and development is one of the most commonly used variables for measuring a country's competitiveness. 

Current production processes, which are far removed from mass production in the past, and the importance of intelligence-based services make the university an essential partner for businesses. 

The Office's functions include the following:
  • Collaboration in negotiating, managing and monitoring agreements between the University and businesses and institutions.
  • Seeking public and private sources of funding in Spain (CDTI, CIDEM), Europe (EUREKA) and Latin America (IBEROEKA).
  • Support and management of regional, national and international research programmes (particularly the European Union's R&D framework programme and specific actions with South America).
  • Financial management of the University-specific qualifications, namely, its master's degrees, postgraduate courses and specialisation courses in new technologies.
  • Other services such as advice on technology training, analysis, standardisation and testing; encouraging the exchange of research staff between businesses and research centres.

We are at
Campus de Cappont
C. de Jaume II, 67 bis, 3a planta
E-25001 Lleida



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