16th January 2008

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PCiTAL proposes the Ministry of Agriculture to be part of their consortium

Consorci del Parc Científic i Tecnològic integrat per la Universitat i l'Ajuntament de Lleida
Agrifood Scientific and Technological Park of Lleida (PCiTAL)
The Agrifood Scientific and Technological Park of Lleida (PCiTAL), a consortium shared in equal parts by the University of Lleida and the Town Council, has offered the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (DAR) to enter their association. Yesterday The PCiTAL Board of Directors approved inviting DAR to be part of their body of shareholders, particularly by means of their participation in IRTA (Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology) with the goal of promoting research in this area.

In this respect, the president of PCiTAL Joan Viñas announced that its premises will also hold an experimental agrifood plant aimed at improving the quality of food. The plant will be affiliated to the Department of Food Technology at UdL, a leading international referent as regards research in this field. Joan Viñas declared that conditioning works are already being performed in this experimental plant, which will be located in one of the H buildings.



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