12th June 2009

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UdL hosted the 4th Catalan Parliament of the World’s Religions, as a prelude to the International Parliament of the World’s Religions that will take place in Melbourne in December

4t Parlament de les Religions a la UdLThe Cappont Campus was the chosen venue to celebrate this conference, which was inaugurated by the Vice-President of the Generalitat government Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira. Meant to become a meeting point for dialogue among the representatives of different religions, its main aim was signing the 'Lleida Manifesto', which will gather the conference conclusions as well as the commitment that these are put into practice in the traditions of the countries attending the meeting.

The organisers of the 4rt Parlament Català de les Religions / 4rt Catalan Parliament of the World’s Religions highlighted that we "live in a multicultural society that includes people from different traditions and origins, but we share a common future where tolerance, peace and harmony should be the basis for future generations." For this reason, the Catalan Parliament of the World’s Religions attempts to consolidate the efforts of the United Nations in their commitment to dialogue in order to recover the spiritual and social significance of women.







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