For all Catalan public universities, the Generalitat de Catalunya annually sets the price of official studies, through the publication of a decree that determines the public prices of academic services according to the degree of teaching structure attributed to each teaching.

Students at affiliated schools should consult the information regarding the prices and payment of tuition at the Secretariat of your center.



The University shall collect the registration fee by charging the bank account chosen by the student. When registering, students must select one of the following means of payment:

1 - Single direct debit payment.

The University shall charge the amount from the 10th day after registration.

2 - Direct debit payment in three instalments.

The registration fee shall be charged in three instalments:

  1. The first instalment shall be charged from the 10th day after registration. As a guide for registrations in July, the charge shall be made between 9 and 16 August 2023, and for registrations in September, the charge shall be made between 20 and 30 September 2023 The amount corresponding to 40% of the registered credits, plus non-teaching administrative fees, will be collected.
  2. The second instalment shall be charged on 15 November 2023 The amount corresponding to 30% of the registered credits will be collected.
  3. The third instalment shall be charged on 28 December 2023. The amount corresponding to the remaining 30% of the registered credits will be collected.

3 - Loan from the Generalitat:

Registration can be paid in more instalments. You can consult detailed information here:

4 - Payment of non-direct debit receipts:

Should you have to pay a registration bill in cash or card, you can do so following the instructions of this link.

5 - Payment by PayPal:

This means of payment can only be used by students living in countries which are not part of the European Union and without a bank account number adapted to the SEPA rules.


To arrange direct debit payments, students must give the bank account details in the respective section of the registration.

You must submit to the Secretariat of the centre, within a period of 10 days from registration, a direct debit mandate (SEPA) signed by the account holder authorising the charge.

You can send this documentation preferably through the online office. You must use the form for submission of documentation you will find there (choose your profile on student: foreign, UdL student). Web site only in Catalan and Spanish. You can send it by post to center address; in person, requesting for an appointment; or by e-mail if it has not been possible to use any of the other ways .

The registration bill, whether issued in person or using the self-registration system, shall serve for notification purposes.

Registration fees that, for whatever reason, have to be paid outside payment in instalments and after the third instalment set out in point 2, must be paid in cash at any of the banks indicated on the bill.

Bank account details for direct debit payment can be amended by using form M2 (online office), which must be submitted to the secretariat of the centre at least fifteen days before the second or third payment deadline. The application must be accompanied by a new SEPA direct debit mandate signed by the account holder.


Should you have to pay a registration with non-direct debit receipt, you can do so following the instructions of this link: Payment of non-direct debit receipts.


If the University cannot collect the full or partial amount of the registration fee through the account number provided by the student or through any other method of payment, it shall reissue the bill a second time for cash payment, adding the following percentages to the total or partial amount of the registration fees:

  • From the due date and up to two months, a 5% surcharge.
  • From two months up to four months, a 10% surcharge.
  • From four months, a 15% surcharge.

The amount of these surcharges must be paid regardless of whether a scholarship or grant is obtained after notification.

The University will notify students of the outstanding amount and will send them a payment document that will include the initial 5% surcharge, which will be valid for two months.

Students must pay the outstanding amount before the bill due date, which shall be sent together with the notification.

The notification will be issued electronically via the electronic office of the Universitat de Lleida. The notification will be sent to the student’s mobile phone and to the institutional e-mail address ( that the student was given when registering for the first year.

Once the two-month period has elapsed, any student who has not made the payment must request a new payment document from the secretariat of the centre, which will include the corresponding surcharge, depending on the period that has elapsed.

As soon as the University issues a non-payment notification to a student, their registration will be suspended until the corresponding amount is paid.

As a result of this suspension, the student will not be able to make any change to registration, obtain academic certificates, transfer the file, request the qualification certificate or make any new registration, on the same degree or on any other.

These financial regulations governing registration will apply provided nothing is specified to the contrary in the decree on public prices of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia or in other legal regulations.



Students on the university master’s degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching who, via the university pre-registration process, are pending admission to another university must indicate that this is the case during the self-registration process and shall pay the registration fee as specified below:

  • Within a period of 10 days after registering, they must pay in cash the amounts corresponding to the transcript management fee and to the compulsory insurance at any of the banks shown on the receipt of registration.
  • If, by 30 September 2023, the student has not submitted a cancellation of registration request (because he/she has been accepted by another university), it shall be understood that he/she wishes to retain registration on the master’s degree, and the remaining registration fees will be charged through the means of payment selected by the student during the self-registration process: single direct debit payment, in three instalments or AGAUR loan.

However, if the student obtains a place at another public university after 30 September 2023, he/she will receive a refund of the amounts paid for registered credits and the learning support fee provided he/she applies for cancellation of registration before the date indicated in the Government of Catalonia Decree on public prices for the 2023/24 academic year.

  • If cancellation is submitted for other reasons, the provisions of Article 6.1.3 of these regulations shall be applied and the student must pay the amount corresponding to overdue receipts.

These amounts will not be refunded if this reallocation is due to the student applying for a change of preferences or having done a new pre-registration.