To calculate the amount of the master's degree tuition, it must be taken into account:


  • The number of credits to enroll in first, second, third and fourth time.
  • Rates and insurance.

Check the situatons that allow you to enjoy exemptions and discounts on official prices, and the surcharges too enroll in the same subject by second and successive times.



Price by credit

Credits enrolled

Administrative fees

Total price of tuition

1st time       18,46 €






Transcript management      69,80 €

Support for the learning      73,54 €

Compulsory insurance          1,12 €





Price by credit

Credits enrolled

Administrative fees

Total price of tuition

1ª vegada       27,67€


Gestió d'expedient              69,80€

Suport a l'aprenentatge      73,54€

Assegurança obligatòria      1,12€

1.804,66 €

Surcharge for second and successive times enrollment:

In accordance with the decree setting the prices of academic services in public universities of Catalonia, when a student enrolls for the second and successive times of the same subject, the price of the credit will be the result of applying these coefficients at the price of the base credit on which this surcharge was applied the previous year:


2nd registration
3rd registration
4th registration
34,17 € 74,05 € 102,52 €


Surcharge por second and more university degrees:

The decree setting the prices of academic services in public universities of Catalonia, establishes in article 8 that a coefficient of 1.4 must be applied to the prices by credit to the students who have one or more official university degrees or the conditions to obtain it, unless it is the first master's or doctoral studies.
This surcharge will only apply to people who have obtained their previous degrees in centers covered by the public financing system.


Masters of the University of Lleida:  




Legal practice

Agricultural Engineering (Inter-university master's degree)

Forestry Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Informatics Engineering [with recommendations agreed by ministry]

Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching 

General Health Psycology 

Psychopedagogy (speciality in Guidance in Secondary School)



Integrated Pest Management (Inter-university master's degree)

Management and Innovation in the Food Industry

Soil and Water Management

Swine Health and Production (Inter-university master's degree)

Erasmus Mundus MEDfOR - Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management

Master of Science Erasmus mundus in Spatial and Ecological Modelling in European Forestry

European Medieval Identity (Inter-university master's degree. Online)

Teaching Spanish/Catalan to Immigrants

Applied Languages

Mountain Areas Management (Inter-university master's degree) 

Biomedical Research

Criminal Justice System (Inter-university master's degree)

Administrative Management 

Gender’s Studies and Management of Equality Policy 

Auditing, management accounting and information systems

Social Media Marketing

Double Degree: in Legal Practice aw and in Criminal Justice System

Double Degree: in Legal Practice and in Administrative Management


Educative Educational Technology: E-learning and Knowledge Management (Inter-university master's degree. Online)

Management and Evaluation of the Intervention for the Social Transformation


Advanced Studies for Pre-primary and Primary Education Teachers

Double Degree: in General Health Psychology and in Nuropsychology

Leather Engineering (Igualada-Campus) 

User Experience Design

Health Education

Research, Innovation and Health Transfer

Labour Management *

Sports Management

Sports Direction

International Spors Law

International Management of Tourism *

Tourism Sustainable Management of Resources and Destinations *

Advanced Political Communication *

(*) Check the price of the enrolment in the corresponding centre.