Institutes and Consortia

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Institute of Educational Sciences - Centre of Continuing Education (ICE-CFC)

Edifici de l'ICE

The ICE runs continuing education programmes for teachers, gives advice to and organises continuing education courses for businesspeople, professional associations, etc. It also carries out research and innovation tasks in education and teaching for teachers at all levels, as well as producing educational materials for children, adolescents or citizens' groups.

UdL-IRTA Foundation (Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology)


This institution, formerly the UdL-IRTA Centre, carries out various lines of research in several areas with the help of UdL lecturers and the IRTA's own researchers. They have worked in such fields as extensive crops, crop protection, animal production, post-harvest and fruit-growing technology.

IRBLleida Foundation (Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida)


Research centre set up jointly by the university and the Catalan Government's Ministry of Health. Its aim is to promote the synergies in biomedical research between the two institutions.

Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia

CTF de Catalunya. Solsona

The Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia is a consortium between the University of Lleida, Solsonès County Council, Lleida Provincial Council, the Catalan Research Foundation and the Catalan Government's Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action. The Centre's job is to provide training and disseminate knowledge to professionals and students in the sector, conduct research applied to the forest environment, and have an active involvement in the development and transfer of technology (R&DT) to the stakeholders in the sector.

Agri-food Science and Technology Park


A consortium between the University of Lleida and La Paeria that aims to promote R&D activities between universities and businesses and to create new knowledge-based businesses.

R+D+I Support Office

Oficina de suport a la R+D+I

The R+D+I Support Office is the unit whose mission is to encourage and manage research activities carried out in the University’s various departments and to act as an interface between the University and businesses.
The purpose of the office is to promote the process of technological innovation in the industrial fabric of our society. It is expressly dedicated to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) through the transfer of the results of research carried out or which may be carried out at the University. This relationship is mutually beneficial as research must be linked to the needs of society and business. This is particularly relevant given that work conducted in research and development is one of the most commonly used variables for measuring a country's competitiveness.
Unlike mass production in the past, new production conditions and the importance of services linked to intelligence make universities essential partners for businesses.

The office performs the following functions:

  • Collaboration in negotiating, managing and monitoring agreements between the University and businesses and institutions.
  • Seeking public and private sources of finance in Spain (CDTI, CIDEM), Europe (EUREKA) and Latin America (IBEROEKA).
  • Support and management of regional, national and international research programmes (particularly the European Union's R&D framework programme and specific actions with South America).
  • Financial management of UdL-specific qualifications, namely, master's degrees, postgraduate courses and specialisation courses in new technologies.
  • Other services such as advice on technology training, analysis, standardisation and testing; encouraging the exchange of research staff between businesses and research centres.
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