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What is STELLA Junior?

STELLA Junior is an initiative of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) to increase the employability of university students and to allow better knowledge of the CGU member universities.

With the aim to improve skills and qualifications, the CGU seeks to facilitate and promote the mobility of the students of its Member Universities as a basis for enhancing their linguistic, cultural and specially their professional knowledge.
The aim of STELLA Junior is to offer the CGU students opportunities to have a training experience in a different CGU institution. Another objective of the programme is to strengthen the relations between its participating universities.
They are encouraged to continue their collaboration after the activity, through bilateral cooperation for Erasmus placements or other initiatives.

CGU students can find through STELLA Junior a wide range of possibilities for mobility at international or intercontinental level.
STELLA Junior platform offers win-win results:
-Students can find placement opportunities to put into practice their academic knowledge and gain professional experience to enter the job market later with proficient skills and so greatest prospect for future. The cultural and
linguistic experiences will contribute to improve the background of the trainees.


Only students/alumni of enrolled universities will be allowed to apply for training offers at other CGU institutions. They will send the Europass curriculum vitae (in English or in the language of the host institution) jointly with the filled in Application Form for Students to their university’s coordinator. This person will check that they are registered at the university for the current academic year (2014-2015) or have graduated in the institution and, if so, will send their CVs and application forms to the Secretariat.
Finally, the CGU’s Secretariat will be contacting the host university. This institution will deal with the final selection and inform the Secretariat on its results.

List of offers:

Application form

Duration of placements

Placements will last a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 months. Please, notice that Erasmus training placements last from 3 months to a year.

Selection of trainee students

Offering entities can directly select the applicant students more suited to their needs. There should be a clear connexion between the profile of the selected student/s and the requirements of the placement to guarantee effective results for both parties.


Those students selected for mobility will be eligible to get STELLA Junior support for travel costs up to 500 euro. This financial compensation will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis until the exhaustion of the available budget. Preference to receive it will be given to intercontinental mobility.

Ending of stay: certificates, pictures and/or videos

The host entities must issue a certificate of compliance to the trainee at the end of the placement (if their performance was satisfactory). The certificate must state that the mobility was carried out within the framework of the Compostela Group of Universities' STELLA Junior Programme.

The CGU encourages that the participants in the programme take pictures/make videos of their training experience and send it to the CGU’s Secretariat (at for promotional purposes.

Duties of the students

Students will comply with all arrangements negotiated for their placement and do their best to make the placement a success abide by the rules and regulations of the host university, its normal timetable, code of conduct and rules of confidentiality.

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