The purpose of the programme is to provide financial support for students with a foreign degree that would like to apply for a master's degree programme at the UdL.

The call will be open until 19th April, 2017.


Students with a foreign degree are invited to apply for these grants.

All applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

· gain entry to the official master's degree programme with a degree issued by a university outside the Spanish higher education system,

· enroll for the credits in an official master's degree programme offered by the UdL during the course 2017-18,

. not being a scholarship holder, on the date of the application, from any other scholarship or financial support offered by the UdL to subsidize the studies into which the beneficiary has been pre-admitted

Master's degree programmes

Check here the list of available of Master's Degree.


The call forecasts two modalities of grants:

Modality A:

The help will be granted to support the amount of the registration, rates and school insurance.

Modality B:

The help will be granted to support the amount of the registration, rates, school insurance, and subsistence and accommodation in Lleida. A maximum of six grants will be given in this modality.

Students coming from the following countries will be able to choose this modality:

Cameroon, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Gambia, Lebanon, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, Western Sahara, Palestine and people belonging to countries in war that are likely to seek asylum and subsidiary protection.

The grant will be paid in the following way:

  • Accommodation: The International Relations Office will book and pay the cost of accommodation to the University residence.
  • Subsistence: The student will receive 3 payments of 900€ at the begining of each quarter period.

To make the second and the third payment effective, it will be necessary to turn in a report from the director of the master's degree programme.

All application forms that fail to meet the established requirements or that are not submitted by the deadline will be dismissed. If the requested documentation is not complete, applicants will have 10 working days to make amendments.

Selection criteria

The coordinators of the master's degree programs and the International Relation and Mobility Commission are in charge of the evaluation of the application forms.

All application forms will be evaluated using the following criteria:

· Academic transcript (up to 10 points)

· Curriculum Vitae: previous training, languages, temporary stays abroad, mobility programmes and work experience (up to 3 points)

. Applicants with an academic degree from one of the universities the UdL has an specif agreement signed with (0.5 points) or within the framework of a double degree (2 points).

        · Enrolling for a:

o Full time master's degree programmes 1 point;

o Part time master's degree programmes 0,5 points

o Erasmus Mundus's programmes 0,5 points 

Applicants applying for the third or fouth semester must have passed all the registered credits during the course 2017/18.

Neither students with a PhD degree nor with a permanent residence in Spain cannot participate in this call.

The number of grants will depend on the availability of places for each master's degree programme.

Application form

To be able to complete the application form on line, students will have to register creating an user's name and password. This information will allow students to accede to the application form and to modify it any time. The application form can be modified several times but once sent, it will not be possible to make any other change.

If students have any doubt when filling in the application form, feel free to contact the International Relations office (incoming@int.udl.cat)

On line application form (here).

IMPORTANT: In order to send the application form on line, it is mandatory to upload the following documentation:
· Curriculum Vitae in Europass format
· Average during studies (here). Important: in order to ask for this document, please follow all the instructions given. Moreover, you can find a short summary of the intructions in this document.
· Cover letter,
· Certificate of payment of the rate of pre-enrolment in case that the period of pre- enrollment is opened during the period request (check the deadlines of prescription in this website)
· Copy of passport or ID in effect,
· Official copy of college diploma (and others certificates if it proceeds),
· Official copy of language certificates,
· Official copy of the transcript of records including all the subjects, the credits and the grade.
IMPORTANT: Students coming from non EU countries should present all the documentation legalized. Documentation legalized will be required to register at the UdL.

Access to the UdL

IMPORTANT: The concession of the grant does not imply the admission to the master degree programme. Applicants will have to contact directly the office responsible for the master degree programme in order to present the required documentation.

Please check in the following website the documentation required to register at the master's degree programme.

Acceptance of the grant

Selected students must sign the document of the acceptance of the grant that will be sent by e-mail. Once signed, it must be sent scanned to the International Relations Office.

Original document must be delivered to the International Relations Office once in Lleida.

Selected students must also deliver the following documentation required in order to do the payment effective:
· copy of the passport,
· copy of the student's visa,
· certified of census in Lleida,
· number of foreigners' identification – NIE,
· number of account in Spanish bank.


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