Exchange information

What should you know before coming?

What should you know before coming?

On-line application


On-line application. Students selected to come to the UdL within exchange programmes, MUST FILL IN AND SEND THIS ON-LINE APPLICATION. Otherwise, UdL cannot assure his/her admission.

  • Deadline for the nominations of students wanting to come for the first semester and whole academic year (from September to beginning of February): 15th June
    • Student's application must be submitted earlier than 1st July
  • Deadline for the nominations of students wanting to come for the second semester (from January to beginning of July): 15th November
    • Student's application must be submitted earlier than 1st December

Welcoming-integration weeks

Two weeks before the beginning of each semester International Relations Office and the Institute of Languages organize two weeks of welcoming and integration activities. Programme is updated some time before the beginning of each one. It is available at this website.

Student's attendance is not compusory, anyway it is quite, quite advisable.


During your stay

During your stay

Once in Lleida

Exchange students are strongly recommended to arrive in Lleida two weeks before lectures begin. This will provide them enough time to make housing arrangments and to take part in the orientation weeks organised by the International Relations Office (IRO) and the Institute of Languages.
  • Once in Lleida, students should come to the IRO, where they will be given an exchange student ID. It will be necessary to do the student's registration and it acn be also used to provisionally access to other UdL's services such as computer labs or libraries.
    • UdL's office hours: from Monday to Friday (from 9.30 to 14.00) and Tuesday afternoon from 15.30 to 17.30
  • Before doing their registration students should visit department co-ordinators,who will give them advice about the courses and the most important academic matters. Students will have to fill in the registration form with the co-ordinators who will have to give it the approval.
  • Students need to register in the Secretariat of their faculty or school, by handing in the a registration form with the courses and credits they would like to take in Lleida. They also need a photocopy of their identity card or passport. Erasmus students do not have to pay for teaching fees, as they pay for them at their home university. However, in Lleida they must pay for the university insurance.
  • Library: eschange students can have access to the libraries at the UdL and can borrow books. They will have to give the librarian a copy of their exchange certificate and a photograph.
  • Exchange students can also hace access to the computer labs by showing their UdL's ID.
  • If the student wants to extend his/her stay must contact IRO prudential time before the semester

Any question regarding academic matters should be addressed to the department co-ordinator in each faculty or centre.

At the end of your stay

End of the stay in Lleida

The International Relations Office will send the following documents to the student.:
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A trancript of records with the courses taken and the grades obtained. A description of the local grading system will be enclosed.
  • If the student has taken any Spanish or Catalan courses, he/she should ask the Institute of Languages. If the student left before the language certificates are ready, the International Relations Office would send the certificate to the student.


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