Once in Lleida

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Once in Lleida

Exchange students are strongly recommended to arrive in Lleida one week before lectures begin. This will provide them enough time to make housing arrangments and to take part in the orientation week organised by the International Relations Office (IRO).
  • Once in Lleida, students should come to the IRO, where they will be given an exchange student certificate, an authorisation signed by the rector for doing their registration and the registration forms
  • Before doing their registration students should visit department co-ordinators,who will give them advice about the courses and the most important academic matters. Students will have to fill in the registration form with the co-ordinators who will have to give it the approval.
  • Students need to register in the Secretariat of their faculty or school, by handing in the a registration form with the courses and credits they wolud kike to take in Lleida. They also need a photocopy of their identity card or passport. Erasmus students do not have to pay for teaching fees, as they pay for them at their home university. However, in Lleida they must pay for the university insurance.
  • Library: eschange students can have access to the libraries at the UdL and can borrow books. They will have to give the librarian a copy of their exchange certificate and a photograph.
  • Exchange students can also hace access to the computer rooms. If they have no e-mail address of their own, they can ask for a temporary address in the computer room of their faculty or school. Students are stongly advise to check their e-mail address because this is the ordinary means of communication at the University.

Any question regarding academic matters should be addressed to the department co-ordinator in each faculty or centre.


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