Language Volunteering

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What is Language Volunteering?

Language Volunteering is made up of members of the university community who want to help mobility students coming from other universities to get to know the linguistic and cultural reality of the city and the university.

The Language Institute coordinates the Language Volunteering program and supports the activities that this group can promote.

How can they help me?

Help to the non-Catalan-speaking student

Language Volunteering wants to facilitate your integration into the university community, the city and its cultural and linguistic environment.

  • They organize reception events at the UdL.
  • They can help you to know how the University works.
  • They can help you to learn Catalan.
  • You will be able to exchange language and culture.
  • They organize entertainment activities and cultural events for you: cultural excursions, tradition-sharing celebrations (“castanyada”, Christmas ...), cultural visits around the city...

How can I get help from Language Volunteering?


If you plan to study at our university soon, contact us and we will provide you with the help of a language volunteer.

Send us an email to



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