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Resources for non-Catalan speakers


A collection of electronic resources for learning about Catalan language and culture.


- Catalonia at a click Gastronomy, history, tradition, culture... Everything you need to know at a click.

80 tips. A pocket guide to enjoying your stay This pocket guide provides tips on the customs and manners of Catalan society such as how to greet a person you have just met, punctuality, family ties and body language.



Every think you wanted to know about Catalan ...but were afraid to ask Many people arrive to Catalonia without being aware of what the language situation is. Here are some facts that might help you to fill in the blanks.

First steps. Catalan and Spanish in five minutes You have just arrived in Catalonia? This guide will help you get familiar with the two most spoken languages in the territory: Catalan and Spanish.

- Parlo català/italiano. Didactic materials for a person who knows Italian and wants to learn Catalan, and vice versa. These materials are complemented by the audios of the dialogues that you can here.


- Conversation guides A mobile application that is available in various language combinations, including Catalan, Spanish, French and English. The guides are useful tools for the communicative situations that you are likely to encounter while you are here.

- Language exchange handbook This handbook provides ideas, guidelines and tips for language exchange buddies so they can set up meetings and get the most from them; Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Occitan, English, German and Chinese.


Language Volunteers

The group of Language Volunteers is made up of students and staff from the UdL who are willing to help students to integrate into the university and Lleida, in areas such as student life, leisure and cultural activities, language, etc. We offer students enrolled in a mobility program the possibility of having a contact volunteer before arrival. Students who are not part of a mobility programme but who are interested in contacting a language volunteer can do so at the Language Institute.

Roasted chestnuts

Language Exchange Programme

Would you like to meet other university students for some conversation in Catalan while you help them learn your native language? Language Exchange Programme.

Meeting to practice languages

Spanish Courses for Foreigners


2023-2024 2nd semester

In order to access general language courses, except for the A1 course, it is required to prove that the previous level has been achieved, by having passed a course at the Language Institute, handing in a valid certificate, or taking a placement test.

Placement test: 31st January

Time: 16-18 h

Place: classroom 3.10 Multi-purpose building 1 (Cappont Campus)


If you are NOT yet a member of the university community, first you have to access here and register: access the online registration.

Then, with your username and password, you can enrol.

IMPORTANT: According to academic regulations, the School of Languages is entitled to cancel a course if it fails to have fifteen students enrolled.


Course  Length  Dates Timetable Registration** Location



50 hours 14/02/24-22/05/24 Monday and Wednesday, 15-17 h


Rectorat, classroom 3.20



50 hours


Tuesday and Thursday, 15-17 h


Rectorat, classroom 3.20



70 hours 19/02/24-22/05/24 Monday and Wednesday, 17-20 h


Rectorat, classroom 3.20




70 hours 20/02/24-21/05/24 Tuesday and Thursday, 17-20 h


Rectorat, classroom 3.20


**Registration: from the 10th January 2024






CREDITS ECTS (only for the mobility students)
- A1 and A2 levels: 3.5 credits ECTS
- B1 and B2 levels: 5 credits ECTS

Price A1 and A2 levels:

  • UdL: €152.20
    • MEDFOR and FORESTRY students: free
    • Mobility Programme Erasmus and Mobility Programme UdL: €38.12

  • External UdL: €208.50
  • A1 level Administration and services staff and Research and teaching staff: free

Price B1 and B2 levels:

  • UdL: €213.50
    • MEDFOR and FORESTRY students: free
    • Mobility Programme Erasmus and Mobility Programme UdL: €53.37

  • External UdL: €291.90



Evaluation will be final in all the courses. The specific information on how to pass the course will be provided at the beginning of the course.


Still pending

More information about the Spanish Courses


Secretary's Office opening hours

From Monday to Friday, 9.30-14 h 






Diplomas in Spanish (Instituto Cervantes) (DELE)

The University of Lleida organizes the DELE examinations of levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

More information on THIS WEBSITE.

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