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  NEWS. YEAR 2007


Bicycles on loan for UdL students in 2008

28th december 2007 · From the 1st February 2008 seventeen UdL students will be able to travel by bicycle to their university centres, following a UdL pilot project to promote sustainable mobility. This initiative was proposed by the Student Council during the last academic year and developed by the Vice-Rectorate of Students, on a joint effort with the UdL Environment Commission and the Bicycle Users’ and Friends’ Club (CUAB). It aims to promote bicycles as an efficient, fast, cheap, comfortable, entertaining and healthy means to move around Lleida. ampliar información

Claustre de la UdL

The University Senate votes for its representatives in the Board of Governors

21th december 2007 · The University Senate at UdL chose its representatives from the teaching and administrative / services staff to form part of the Board of Governors. The Ombudsperson’s Office report and the Rector’s management report were also presented in today’s session. Among the projects carried out in 2007, the Rector Joan Viñas highlighted the two new degrees obtained for UdL, Animal Science and Health and Veterinary Science (shared with UAB). Other remarkable facts were an increase of more than 50% in external resources for Research and Development since 2003, the promotion of UdL in foreign countries, an agreement to build 150 university apartments and the improvement of UdL premises with new buildings in the Cappont, ETSEA and Health Sciences Campus ampliar información

Consell de Govern de la UdL

Green light to an increase of 3.3% in the UdL budget for 2008

20th december 2007 · The proposal for the 2008 UdL budget was approved unanimously by the Board of Governors, a proposal that will have to be approved tomorrow by the Board of Trustees. The budget amounts to 77,324,912.41 Euros, which an increase of 3.31% with respect to 2007. There is a remarkable increase in the provision for revenue: more than 27% in service rendering - which includes Scientific-Technical Services and agreements and services to companies and institutions - and 30% in competitive calls for research grants. ampliar informació

Coneix món! Programes de mobilitat acadèmica a la UdL

UdL students will do internships in European companies

17th december 2007 · UdL students will have access to work placements in European companies during the next academic year. The new mobility programme Erasmus Internships expands the traditional offer of the Erasmus Study programme and will be launched in 2008-2009. Students interested will be able to get work placements in European companies with which agreements have been signed to that purpose. On a different matter, the UdL has opened two calls for applications with the motto “Know the World”, with the aim that UdL students pursue studies in foreign institutions during the next academic year. ampliar informació

Estudiar i gestionar el paisatge històric medieval. Jordi Bolòs

A book calls for the need to study and preserve our historical landscape

17th december 2007 · One of the claims in the last book edited by the UdL Publications Service is that it is essential to study and preserve historical heritage, not only to transmit its knowledge to future generations but also to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly view of landscape. The 4th volume in the collection and “Territory and Landscape in the Middle Ages” is coordinated by the UdL Mediaeval History lecturer Jordi Bolós and bears the title Study and Management of Mediaeval Historical Landscape ampliar informació

Grups de Recerca de la UdL

Madrid grants 2.2 million Euros to three leading research groups from the UdL

14th december 2007 · On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science, the General Secretariat for Scientific Policies has granted 2.2 million Euros to finance the research work carried out by three groups from the UdL during the next five years. Two of the groups belong to the Faculty of Medicine and one to the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering: the former are leaded by Martí Aldea and Joaquim Ros respectively, and the latter by Ignasi Romagosa and Paul Christou. Such financial support is granted to research groups that can accredit international competitiveness and that are networked with other leading consolidated groups in Spain. ampliar informació

Campus de l'ETSEA

Members of CSIC visit ETSEA to promote agrofood research in Lleida

12th december 2007 · Jesús Cuartero and Carmen Peláez, coordinators in Agricultural Sciences and Food Technology Sciences at the CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Research) visited the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering at UdL. Their aim was to set up cooperation lines between the CSIC and the UdL concerning research in agrofood, as well as to outline a report that includes short-term and mid-term projects and actions where research groups from both institutions can work. The people responsible at UdL defined the involvement of CSIC in the promotion of the ETSEA Campus as essential. At present ETSEA is the most important research centre in Catalonia as regards the subprogrammes AGR (Agricultural) and ALI (Food) in the National Plan for Research. ampliar informació

Seminari internacional amb Senegal celebrat al Rectorat

The UdL will study the impact of immigration in Spain and Senegal

11th december 2007 · A research group from UdL leaded by the sociologist Jordi Garreta will study the impact of Senegalese immigration in Spain, as well as the consequences this phenomenon causes in the country of origin. This study is framed within a larger network project carried out by UdL members and university students from Senegal in order to promote its development. The project will have a duration of one year, with a funding of 10,000 Euros donated by the UdL International Cooperation Centre. ampliar informació

Catálogo del Paisaje de las Tierras de Lleida

A team in ETSEA compiles the Lleida Landscape Catalogue

10th december 2007 · A team formed by teaching staff at the Higher Technical School in Agricultural Engineering has created the Lleida Landscape Catalogue in collaboration with a group of researchers from UPC and under the supervision of the Catalonia Landscape Observatory. The team is lead by Cristina Vega and formed by Josep A. Conesa, Joan Pedrol, Sílvia Espinal and José Antonio Martínez. The resulting document will be taken into account in the Catalonia Landscape Law as regards inventorying and analysing the landscape areas of environmental worth and acting as a support to territorial planning. more information

The UdL Rector, Joan Viñas, and the Catalan Government Commissioner for University and Research Blanca Palmada

UdL and UAB start working together in the shared Veterinary Sciences Degree

4th december 2007 · The University of Lleida and the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) have started working on the shared degree in Veterinary Sciences they offer. The Rectors of both universities, Joan Viñas and Lluís Ferrer, met the Catalan Government Commissioner for University and Research Blanca Palmada to state the commitment off all the institutions involved to collaborate in the consolidation of this degree. This process will continue with the development of course programmes, materialising on the 7th January 2008 with the signing of an agreement between both universities and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise. more information

International UdL Students

UdL will be publicised in Latin America and Asia

29th november 2007 · Next year the University of Lleida will participate in several university fairs taking place in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and China with the aim of making itself known and recruiting potential students. This is one of the innovations in the Orientation, Innovation and Assessment Plan drawn up by the Vice-Rector Office for Students and addressed to prospective university students, parents and teaching staff. Other new initiatives are university motivation talks addressed to sixteen-year-old High School and Vocational Training students, which complement the already traditional Open Campus Days. more information

Emergency and Evacuation Drill at the UdL Humanities Library in 2006

All campuses will carry out emergency and evacuation drills in 2008

23rd november 2007 · Next year the Occupational Risk Prevention Service will organise emergency and evacuation drills in all UdL campuses. This is one of the proposals included in the UdL Safety Plan for 2008/2011, which has been made public today at the Board of Governors meeting. On a different matter, the Board of Governors confirmed the agreement between the Ministry of Housing, the Department of Environment and Housing in the Catalan Government, the Town Council and the UdL for the construction of university apartments in Lleida. Among other agreements, the Board of Governors also approved the second announcement of grants to promote international mobility activities. more information

Annual Meeting of the Lleida Institute for Biomedical Research

The IRBLleida will be financed by the Ministry of Health

23rd november 2007 · The Lleida Institute for Biomedical Research (IRBLleida) will become the first centre in Spain which is not affiliated to a big hospital to be accredited by the Carlos III Institute in Madrid. This entails the possibility to receive funding from the Ministry of Health, as the Head of the Department of Health in the Catalan Government Marina Geli announced yesterday at the annual board meeting in this centre. On a different matter, the UdL Rector and Vice-President of IRBLleida Joan Viñas announced that the new building for teaching is due to be inaugurated next January. The building includes two floors committed to research, where the animal house will also be located. The IRBLleida will also contain two new buildings that will be assigned to laboratories and offices for research staff. more informationn

The agreement was signed yesterday between the University of Lleida and the Guinovart private foundation

Students in the Faculty of Arts will have access to the batches in Espai Guinovart

21st november de 2007 · Students in the Faculty of Arts will have access to the collection in Espai Guinovart in order to carry out research work. An agreement was signed yesterday between the University of Lleida and the private foundation presided by the artist Josep Guinovart himself. It will allow UdL students to collaborate with the arts centre in Agramunt with the aim of encouraging research associated to the work of one of the most prominent artists in Spain more information

UdL research group in Metabolic Physiopathology

Mediterranean Diet slows down the ageing process

17th november 2007 · The abundance of unsaturated oils in Mediterranean Diet slows down the ageing process and the apparition of age-associated disorders, such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. These are the conclusions of a study carried out by the UdL research group in Metabolic Physiopathology, together with Australian and American researchers. The results have been recently published in "Physiological Reviews", the world’s leading journal in the field of Physiology and the seventh most influential journal in all scientific publications. more information

Faculty of Arts Library

The Faculty of Arts Library celebrates its 20 years with a blog

15th november 2007 · This year the Faculty of Arts Library celebrates it 20th anniversary. In 1987 the library was removed from the Roser building and relocated in the UdL Rectorat building. At present the library holds the batches corresponding to the areas of Philology, Audiovisual Communication, Geography, History and Art. This makes a total amount of approximately 80,000 volumes (2,200 of which are audiovisual documents), 1,241 printed journals, 31 databases and 1,400 electronic journals. The UdL Library and Documentation Service has activated a blog to celebrate this event. more information

ETSEA Campus

The UdL will teach a Degree in Animal Science and Health and a Degree in Veterinary Science in collaboration with the UAB

13th november 2007 · Yesterday the Catalan Interuniversity Board authorised the introduction of a Degree in Animal Science and Health at UdL during the next academic year. The UdL will be the only university in Catalonia and in Spain to offer this official degree, which will be located in the ETSEA Campus. Aside from this issue, the Board also granted UdL the Degree in Veterinary Science, in collaboration with UAB. This degree can be obtained by studying two more years and it will allow students to have a Degree in Animal Science and Health and a Degree in Veterinary Science, with a diploma issued by both universities. more information

Agreement signed for the construction university apartments

The UdL, the Ministry of Housing, the Generalitat Government and the Town Council promote the construction of 150 apartments for university students

7th november 2007 · UdL, the Ministry of Housing, the Department of Environment and Housing in the Generalitat government and the Town Council will promote the construction of 150 apartments for university students, lecturers and researchers in the area of Ciutat Jardí. The building site is next to the Onze de Setembre Sports Pavilion, which the Town Council will donate to UdL. The construction of these apartments was approved yesterday thanks to an agreement signed in Barcelona by the highest representatives of the institutions involved in this project. more information

UdL Science Week

Planet Earth will be the protagonist at the UdL Science Week

6th november 2007 · The UdL Science Week starts on the 12th November with the opening of the Galileo Galilei Symposium Eppur si muove (“ despite everything, it moves”), which will take place at the Rectorat building until the 15th November. UdL researchers and experts will participate by giving talks on the climatic change, on water as a resource and as a risk, on the role of phyto-pharmacy (pharmaceutical products with a vegetable origin), on life on Earth under extreme conditions, on the Montsec Astronomic Park, etc. more information

Antoni Tolmos, Lecturer at the University of Lleida Antoni Tolmos records his CD / DVD “Patio de Luces” live

6th november 2007 · Antoni Tolmos, lecturer in Musical Education in the Faculty of Education Sciences at UdL, will record his CD / DVD “Patio de Luces” live at the Cafè del Teatre de l’Escorxador. The event will take place on Thursday at 10.30 pm as part of the Jazz Tardor Festival in Lleida. After a career substantiated by several albums, Tolmos presents this new proposal in a trio format, together with Miquel Torà at the bass and Joan Andreu at the drums. ampliar informació

Humoràlia Dark Humour Contest An Argentinean scriptwriter wins the 3rd Dark Humour Literary Contest

31st octuber 2007 · The young Argentinean scriptwriter Leonel Mauro D'Agostino is the winner of the 3rd edition of the Literary Dark Humour Contest organised by UdL and Humoràlia, together with the Schleitheim Disease. D’Agostino, 32, is scriptwriter both for the cinema and for TV programmes and series. Among his works, his joint script with Lucia Puenzo of the Argentinean film A través de tus ojos (“Through your Eyes”) stands out as the winner of the Best Film Award in the last Latin-American Film Festival in Lleida. The award presentation event will take place on Friday the 2nd November, All Souls’ Day, at the old town cemetery. ampliar informació

UdL Students in the Library The Board of Governors approves the guideline to develop degree syllabi

25th october 2007 · Today the Board of Governors approved a document entitled "UdL Guidelines for the Development of Degree Syllabi", which establishes the criteria that teaching institutions will follow in order to build new syllabi that adapt to EU regulations. Aside from this issue, the four official MA degrees that UdL will offer in the academic year 2008/2009 have also been approved. As regards degree outlines, UdL proposals for restructuring and future degrees have been presented today to the members of the Board of Governors in order to proceed to their discussion. more information

Reinhard Zimmermann, Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL UdL invests a German jurist as Doctor Honoris Causa

25th october 2007 · Reinhard Zimmermann is Director of the Max Planck Institute of International and Comparative Law and President of the Human Sciences Section at the Max Plank Society, a network of research institutes with worldwide reputation. Today he will be appointed Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL during a ceremony that will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Víctor Siurana Hall. Zimmermann is considered as one of the most influential jurists in Europe as regards the homogenisation of private law in the European Union. more information

Ricard Viñes International specialists describe the figure and the music of Ricard Viñes in a book coordinated by the UdL

24th october 2007 · Ricard Viñes: El pianista de les avantguardes is the title of the book that will be presented this evening at the Enric Granados Local Music Hall. This publication is coordinated by Màrius Bernadó, lecturer in Music History at UdL, and compiles the first thorough analysis on the influence of the Lleida pianist in other musicians such as Debussy, Ravel, Satie or Falla. The book includes twenty texts written by the most outstanding international specialists on Ricard Viñes and his environment, as well as a collection of unpublished photographs. ampliar informació

La UdL, present a la XinaThe Universitat de Lleida, in China

19th october 2007 · A delegation of UdL, leaded by its Rector Joan Viñas and the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation Carme Figuerola, attended the European Fair of Higher Education in Beijing with the aim of promoting UdL and recruiting new students. Twenty Chinese students attend the Faculty of Arts at UdL this academic year as a result of an agreement that came in force last year. UdL has already signed agreements with three Chinese universities and plans to set up a new one with Xiangtan University. more information

Umberto Veronesi, Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL One of the best oncologists in the twentieth century was appointed Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL

17th October 2007 · The University of Lleida today appoints Professor Umberto Veronesi, considered to be one of the best oncologists in the twentieth century, Doctor Honoris Causa. Veronesi founded the European Oncology Institute, one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe as regards the cure for cancer, where he is at present the scientific director. Veronesi became Health Minister of Italy during Giuliano Amato’s government in 2000 and 2001. Veronesi will also receive today the Member of Honour diploma from the Catalonia Medicine Academy. ampliar informació

Frankfurt Book Fair 2007 Three lecturers from UdL at the Frankfurt Book Fair

11th October 2007 · Jaume Pont, Pere Rovira and Jaume Cabré, all of them lecturers in the Arts Faculty at the University of Lleida, are part of the some hundred Catalan authors invited to the 59th edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, considered to be the most important in the publishing world. As this year Catalan culture features as its protagonist, the Ramon Llull Institute has scheduled around 140 literary events among debates, round tables, talks, book presentations and readings of literary works, as well as an extensive artistic programme that includes music, dancing and plastic arts. ampliar informació

The Vilars Gate in Arbeca The Fortress of Vilars recovers its tower-gate

5th October 2007 · The restoration works in the tower-gate of the Vilars Fortress in Arbeca finished last September. These works started in July thanks to an aid of 27.000 Euros granted by Caixa de Tarragona to the Friends of Vilars Association. Apart from being one of the most significant elements in the fortification, it is the only gate with these characteristics in the Iberian world. The restoration has been directed by the Prehistoric Research Group at the University of Lleida and the architect Carme Casals. ampliar informació

La Paeria after the 1907 Floods A photographic exhibition starts the commemorative acts of the hundredth anniversary of the 1907 floods

4th October 2007 · "1907: the Segre river floods in Lleida - From historical account to present interpretation" is the title of the photographic exhibition that will be inaugurated this evening in the Sant Joan Local Exhibition Hall. This exhibition, organised by the University of Lleida in collaboration with the Local Institute of Cultural Action, constitutes the first in a series of acts that commemorate this autumn the hundredth anniversary of the 1907 floods, the most important ever registered in the Segre river during the twentieth century. ampliar informació

Faculty of Educational Sciences The Cuban Socio-linguist Humberto López Morales, new Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL

27th September 2007 · The Cuban socio-linguist Humberto López Morales will be appointed Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL after the Board of Governors accepted the proposal made by the Department of Classical, French and Spanish Philology. The Board of Governors has also granted its consent to the development of the area around the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Cappont Campus. It has also invited tenders for the works of adaptation and equipment of the anatomy room in the Medicine Faculty, so that it becomes one of the leading in the country. ampliar informació

New equipment at UdL UdL buys a piece of scientific equipment that identifies 200 chemical products in 20 minutes

26th September 2007 · The University of Lleida will be the second institution in Spain to have a powerful analytical equipment that allows the analysis and identification of more than 200 chemical products in less than 20 minutes. The Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOF-MS, manufactured in the USA, was until now only available at the Organic Chemistry Centre M. Lora Tamayo at CSIC (Madrid). This equipment will allow to increase the competitiveness of research groups, as well as to improve the quality of services provided to companies and institutions by the UdL Scientific-Technical Services, integrated to the Technological Services Platform PCiTAL. ampliar informació

Inauguration of the Academic Year at UdL UdL asks the Govern for fewer words and more facts to become a referent in the agro-food sector

24th September 2007 · Joan Viñas and Josep Maria Pujol formed a united front on Friday to demand fewer words and more facts from the Generalitat government. In the inauguration event of the academic year 2007-2008, both the Rector and the President of the UdL Social Council asked for a fair, impartial and objective treatment from the Catalan government if the University of Lleida is to become the agro-alimentary referent in Catalonia. The official inauguration had the participation of the Algerian doctor and writer Malika Mokeddem, who gave a speech on her life and works. ampliar informació


foreign students at the UdL More foreign students at the UdL

20th September 2007 ·The different UdL centres are expecting more than 150 students from all over the world for this first term of the 2007/08 academic year. They are students who, thanks to the Erasmus programme and the University of Lleida’s mobility programmes, can study at the UdL for a term or for the whole year – and this year there are more of them than in 2006. To all these students must be added 26 with grants from the Sicue programme, who come from Spanish universities. In total, the UdL is expecting to welcome about 210 outside students this academic year and to send more than a hundred to foreign centres ampliar informació


El Merengue - Camarassa The first of the emblematic sites of the Civil War in the Lleida area will receive signposting

18th september 2007 · The first signs in the "Pilot scheme for the location and sign posting of the emblematic sites of the Civil War, Francoist repression and struggle against Franco in the Lleida area" are to be unveiled on Thursday. They were created between 2005 and 2006 by the History, Documentation and Heritage Service of the UdL’s Department of History, financed by the Catalan Government’s Ministries of Institutional Relations and Participation and Universities and Research. They concern Merengue, a hill on the municipal boundary of Camarasa. ampliar informació


Jacek Wierzchos The UdL takes part in a space mission on the survival of lichens

13th september 2007 · The University of Lleida is taking part in a project that will study the survival of lichens and microorganisms in space and during their re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The experiment "Lithopanspermia", with the participation of Jacek Wierzchos, researcher and head of the Electron Microscopy Service at the UdL, will be launched into space tomorrow, 14th September, on a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur (Kazakhstan), which will carry, among other species, lichens and other microorganisms that will live under extreme conditions. ampliar informació


Malika Mokeddem The Algerian writer and doctor Malika Mokeddem opens the academic year at the UdL

12th september 2007 · Malika Mokeddem, the Algerian writer and doctor, will this year take charge of opening the academic year at the UdL at an event that will take place on 21st September, at 12 noon, in the Rectorate’s Function Room. Mokedemm, born in the heart of the Algerian desert (Kednasa, 1949), will give the lecture: Malika Mokeddem: à part, entière (Malika Mokeddem, from reality to fiction), a journey through her life and work from the perspective of commitment. ampliar informació


Equip de govern reunit a Les Avellanes The management team fixes the priorities of the UdL for the new academic year

10th september 2007 · In order to fix the main policy lines that will mark the management of the UdL over the academic year currently beginning, the Rector, Joan Viñas, and his team met on the 6th and 7th at Les Avellanes. The aims of the meeting were to establish the priority actions for the UdL which the team, together with the Management Board, should carry out during 2007/08. The actions to be undertaken fall into three central areas: teaching, research and management. ampliar informació


Vista aèria de la ciutat d'Alger The UdL co-operates in the first university work camps in Algeria

7th september 2007 · The UdL’s International Co-operation Centre, as a member of the Co-operation and Solidarity Committee of the Vives Network of Universities, is helping with the organisation of the first university work camps in Algeria, as part of the Algeria Universities Programme begun this year by the Vives Network, which brings together Catalan-speaking universities. Students interested in taking part can contact the UdL’s International Co-operation Centre until 28th September. ampliar informació


Presentación de la unidad móvil de la UdL Audiovisual communication opens a studio and mobile unit

5th september de 2007 · The students on the UdL’s audiovisual communication degree course will use new facilities for the first time this academic year. They include a 150 metre-squared studio, located on the third floor of the Rectorate building, and a mobile unit shared with Lleida Televisió. Pep Oriol, lecturer in audiovisual communication at the UdL, explained yesterday that the Lleida students will be the only ones in Catalonia with access to a mobile unit to complete and improve their education. Pre-registration for this degree course began on Monday and runs until the 14th. ampliar información


Campus d'Agrònoms de la UdL ETSEA lecturers, winners of the Vicens Vives distinction for their project on innovative and quality teaching

28th August 2007 ·
The Department of Innovation, Universities and Companies of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) has awarded the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Lleida, for the quality of teaching practiced within their institution, with one of the Jaume Vicens Vives distinctions. They have been awarded this distinction for their work on a project of innovation and quality of teaching based on the introduction of a teaching model based on aptitude. The presentation of these distinctions will take place on 14th September at the Rovira i Virgili University, during the Catalan University system academic year opening ceremony over which the president of the Catalan Government, José Montilla, will preside. ampliar informació

Frederic Vilà. UdL A book by Frederic Vilà analyses the contributions of Catalan architects to the History of Art

27th August 2007 · Aportaciones de los arquitectos catalanes ocupados en la historia o teoría del arte y la arquitectura, de "Llotja" al GATCPAC, this is the title of the last issue of the UdL Espai Temps collection. Work by the Architect and Professor of History of Art at the UdL, Frederic Vilà, the book analyses the contributions of Catalan architects to the History of Art, the theory of art and architecture, focusing on the period starting from the Llotja — at the beginning of the 19th century — to the group of Catalan artists and technicians through the progress of contemporary architecture which, during the 1930s, introduced the language of modern architecture. ampliar informació

Marcel Tresánchez. UdL First end of degree project in English at the Polytechnic

31st July 2007 · Marcel Tresánchez, Advanced diploma in Computer Systems, the first student from the Advanced Polytechnic School of the UdL to defend an end of degree project in English. Optimisation of Floor Cleaning Coverage Performance of a Random Path-planning Mobile Robot is the title of this project directed by the professor of the EPS, Jordi Palacin. The board, which has awarded the project a distinction, has evaluated the defence of the work in English as well as its technical merits. ampliar informació

Facultat de Medicina de la UdL The UdL has “made official” the petitions for the Faculty of Medicine

30th July 2007 · The rector of the UdL, Joan Viñas, has plotted today at the Department of Innovation, Universities and Companies the “Proposal for the improvement of standards at the Faculty of Medicine of Lleida”, a document that has been elaborated by his Dean, Joan Ribera, where petitions form the faculty “to correct historical deficits” are colleted. The document applies to the council, directed by the Republican Josep Huguet, for an investment plan to improve standards at the centre, as well as the incorporation of 30 more students in the next academic year and a proposal for welcoming more students starting from the 2008-09 academic year. ampliar informació

Reunió de Blanca Palmada amb la UdL The Commissioner announces 2.5 million euros more to “fortify research” at the UdL

25th July 2007 · The Commissioner for Universities and Research, Blanca Palmada, said yesterday that the Commission could increase the ten million euro consignment by two and half million euros — announced a few weeks ago now — destined to “fortify research at the University of Lleida”. Moreover, nothing was specified on the possibility that Lleida could study/submit, in the near future, veterinary studies and, considering the controversy that has arisen over the shortage of places at the Faculty of Medicine of Lleida, the increase in places was rejected for this year, but the issue was proposed for the academic year 2008-09.

Conveni amb PRODECA i Mercolleida Students on the Postgraduate Degree in Agro-food Law are to do work experience at Prodeca and Mercolleida

20th July 2007 · Promotora d'Exportacions Catalanes SA (PRODECA) and Mercolleida are to welcome four work experience students from the next edition of the Postgraduate Degree in Agro-food Law, organised by the University of Lleida and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Action. This postgraduate degree, which began this academic year, is aimed at the specific teaching of the techniques of agro-food law, a specialisation that has become more and more popular amongst companies from the sector and administrations.

Formació en TIC's per a Dones SIED offers free Internet courses for women

12th July 2007 · The Interdisciplinary Seminary of Women’s Studies (SIED) of the University of Lleida, through the Enxarxades a Lleida project, offers courses to bring new information and communication technologies (ICT) closer to the women in the districts of Lleida. “ICT training for women” is a program from Exarxades a Lleida that brings together sixteen courses on the Internet and websites, which will take place in five western districts: Garrigues, Pla d'Urgell, Urgell, Segarra and Solsonès, from July to October of this year.

Universitat d'Estiu de la UdL Inauguration of the 15th Edition of the Summer University

11th July 2007 · Although some courses at the Cappont campus already began on Monday, yesterday the 15th edition of the Summer University of the UdL was inaugurated officially at La Seu d'Urgell with a reflection on the certainties and doubts that are generated by climate change by Josep-Enric Llebot, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the UAB. This year’s edition of the Summer University has, from today, 437 students enrolled. This is the second highest enrolment number in the last seven years. However the number of participants could still go up, as there is still time to enrol before the courses begin.

Lomé (Togo). Foto: Ramon Mateu The UdL will devote close to 70,000 euros to cooperation for development

10th July 2007 · The Governing Council has today approved several resolutions for convocations of development cooperation aids. These are aids to help finance a study within the Lérida (Colombia) – Lleida union, in collaboration with the Paeria; a study carried out by different members of the UdL and universities of Senegal so as to stimulate development; research related to development, international cooperation and solidarity; studies about the so-called Fourth World, and mobility aids for carrying out cooperation projects “in situ”, among other things.

Presentació del Cursos de l'Escola Politècnica Superior UdL The Advanced Polytechnic School and companies from the PCiTAL offer courses in the most up-to-date and on-demand technologies

26th June 2007 · With the aim of training new teachers in modern technologies and with the highest index demands, the Advanced Polytechnic School of the UdL, in collaboration with companies from the ITC sector from the Lleida Science and Technology Agro-food Park, offers free courses for UdL students in the month of July. The courses, to which professionals from the sector can also register, have a duration of 90 hours each and will be held at the school in the Cappont campus.

Vilars d'Arbeca Recovery of the north gate of the Iberian collection of the Vilars

18th June 2007 · The recovery and restoration work on the north gate of the Iberian collection of the Vilars (Arbeca) has taken seven months. This collection was the most important, and possibly unique, during the 4th century and until the fortress was abandoned (between 350 and 325 BC). Thanks to the Employment Plan of the Department for Work of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), supplied with €82,000, the Group of Prehistoric Research of the UdL has been able to finalise its work on the recuperation and restoration of the north gate of the fortress, which they have been able to demonstrate as being one of its most monumental elements.

Grup de Recerca Cicle Cel·lular. UdL A research project by investigators from the UdL, cover piece for one of the first biomedical magazines in the world

11th June 2007 · Cyclin Cln3 is retained at the ER and released by the J-chaperone Ydj1 in late G1 to trigger cell cycle entry is the title of an article published by the science magazine Molecular Cell, one of the most prestigious magazines in the world of biomedicine. Executed by the research group Cicle Cel·lular (Cellular Cycle) of the UdL, the study opens up the way for new paths into the research of more specific therapies for the treatment of cancer.

EQUAL Dona/Home Rurals Thirty “good practices” in favour of rural women

6th June 2007 · Institutions and entities of Lleida, Italy, Slovakia and Germany, associates of the EQUAL Women, from change to reality project have been carrying out from the year 2000 until now, within their own territories, a series of initiatives aimed at eliminating the inequality of opportunities between men and women in the work place in rural areas. This combination of experiences are brought together in the guide for good practices, that tomorrow and the day after will be presented at the UdL in the framework of the transnational conference: “Women, Rural World and European Perspective 2007-2013”.


Presa de posessió de Joan Viñas com a rector Joan Viñas asks the Government to take commitments to the UdL

24th May 2007 · “We have done our homework and now we would like the Catalan Government to take on the responsibilities which correspond to it, seeing as up to now this has not been the case.” With these words Joan Viñas, who yesterday took on the role of rector of the UdL for the next four years, demanded of the councillors of Universities and Agriculture a valiant and fair bid for the UdL. The president of the Social Council of the UdL, Josep Maria Pujol, also added to these reclamations by asking that the people from the University of Lleida be listened to.

Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida PCiTAL will reserve part of the business incubator to firms promoted by the UdL

21st May 2007 · The Lleida Science and Technology Agro-food Park (PCiTAL) reserves a third of the space planned for the extension of the business incubator, exclusively to technology-based firms (TBF) and entrepreneurial projects related to agro-food promoted by teaching and research staff, as well as students and also graduates and postgraduates who have finished their studies in the University of Lleida in the last three years.

Lleida en Guerra. Ramon Rius Unpublished Photographs about the Spanish Civil War in Lleida shown at UdL

16th may 2007 ·
Lleida at War: the Ramon Rius Collection is the title of the exhibition of photographs that can be visited at Centre de Cultures i Cooperació Transfronterera from today and until the 15th June 2007. This collection was first shown at the Wellesley College - Massachusetts in Boston and presents around forty photographs of Lleida during the revolution and the Civil War, most of which had never been exhibited in Spain before. 

Universitat d'Estiu de la UdL The climatic change opens the 15th edition of the UdL Summer University

15th may 2007 · Josep Enric Llebot, Professor in Physics at the UAB, will read the lecture "Certainties and doubts about the climatic change" to inaugurate the 15th edition of the UdL Summer University in La Seu d’Urgell on the 10th July 2007. The organisers expect the success of the previous edition, which registered 478 participants. The registration period this year starts on Thursday 17th May and will remain open until the day before the courses start. Students who register before the 8th June will receive a 15% discount on the fees.

XII Mostra de Teatre Universitari. UdL Lleida hosts the 12th Exhibition of University Drama

10th may 2007 · Lleida will host the 12th Exhibition of University Drama, which will be celebrated from the 14th to the 18th of May 2007. The three stage rooms in Teatre de l'Escorxador and the Conference Hall in the Rectorat building at UdL will be the sites of the exhibition, which will involve more than 15 hours of performances and the participation of 212 university students including actors, directors and technicians. All performances are free.

Joan Viñas, rector de la UdL Joan Viñas is re-elected UdL Rector for the next four years

9th may 2007 · The Professor in Surgery Joan Viñas, present Rector and sole candidate in the past elections, was provisionally proclaimed new UdL Rector for the next four years. Viñas obtained the support of 68.75% of the votes issued, against a 31.25% of blank votes. There was an abstention of 89% and students were the group who less attended the ballots; only three in every 100 students voted.

Visita de Siza a les obres de la nova facultat de Ciències de l'Educació UdL inaugurates the new Faculty of Education in September

20th april 2007 · The new Faculty of Education, designed by the reputed architect Alvaro Siza, will be completed in September. Both the UdL rector Joan Viñas and the Portuguese architect, who visited the construction site at the Cappont campus yesterday, pointed out that the works are advancing at a good pace, a fact that will allow to open the new building in the next academic year, though only with a provisional access.

Festa de l'Estudiantat de la UdL UdL students celebrate their Festival

19th april 2007 · The 11th edition of the UdL Students’ Festival will be celebrated on Thursday 26th April in the Cappont campus. According to its organisers at the UdL Student Council, “this year we attempt to make the festival more genuine, closer to the participants, more participative, and much more vindicating". That is why the Student Council has organised events like a bicycle ride to call for a better and safer bicycle lane in Lleida, or a monologue contest.

Paolo da San Leocadio i els inicis de la pintura del Renaixement a Espanya First monographic book about the initiator of Renaissance painting in Spain

19th april 2007 · Paolo da San Leocadio and the Beginning of Renaissance Painting in Spain, edited by CEIC Alfons el Vell (Gandia, 2006), is the first complete monographic work published about the Italian artist Paolo da San Leocadio (1447-1520), who introduced the new Italian code of Renaissance painting in Spain. Written by Ximo Company, UdL Professor in Modern Art History, the book includes a Spanish translation and its publication in Italy is currently under way.

Karry, guanyador de l'edició anterior del Concurs Humor i Salut The International Graphic Humour Contest "Humour and Health" celebrates its third edition

10th april 2007 · Graphic artists, both amateur and professional, can present their sketches to the 3rd International Graphic Humour Contest “Humour and Health”, organised by the Faculty of Medicine at UdL in collaboration with Santa Maria Hospital and the Humoràlia Cultural Association. The deadline is April 15th, 2007.


Bicicletada UdL prepares to lend bicycles to students next year

2nd april 2007 · UdL prepares to offer bicycles to students during the next academic year, giving preference to those living outside Lleida. The Vicerector of Student Affairs Xavier Gómez made this announcement during the signing of a framework agreement of collaboration between UdL and the Bicycle Users and Friends Association (CUAB), whose president is the INEFC lecturer Francesc Reig. Students borrowing a bicycle will pay a deposit that will be refunded once the bicycle is returned.

III Jornades Mobilitat de la UdL Fifty students participate in the 3rd Mobility Conference

29th march 2007 · 33 Mexican students and 16 UdL students participated in the 3rd Mobility Conference at UdL, which this year has been granted the royalties derived from the first edition of the book “Discovering Lleida", written by the ex-UdL Rector Jaume Porta. This conference attempts to be a meeting point for students participating in the UdL mobility programme Jade, financed by Banco Santander Central Hispano, which has been running for five academic years.

Rampa a la biblioteca del Rectorat A new unit will watch over the integration of physically handicapped people

28th march 2007 · “University for Everybody” is the new unit created by UdL to provide for the needs of disabled people. Attached to the Vicerectorate of Student Affairs and coordinated by Jordi Coiduras, lecturer at the Faculty of Education, “University for Everybody” attempts to bring together all resources and actions directed to the development of academic life for physically handicapped people.


Estudiants la UdL UdL starts developing a plan for equal opportunities between men and women

16th march 2007 · An agreement was reached during the commission "Women and Science" of the Catalan Interuniversity Committee, in order that all Catalan universities draw out a Plan for Equal Opportunities between men and women. Fulfilling this agreement, UdL is now developing a preliminary study to become aware of the situation of women at UdL and how the principle of equal opportunities in our university is applied.

Plenari del CIC a la UdL UdL will offer eighteen Master degrees next year

15th march 2007 · During the next academic year, UdL will offer eighteen Master degrees, which were approved by the Catalan Interuniversity Committee during the meeting that took place yesterday in the UdL Rectorat building. These eighteen Master degrees must be added to the four interuniversity masters coordinated by other universities, in which UdL participates.


14ena Jornada de Campus Oberts: Coneix la UdL More than 1,200 high-school students visit UdL during the 14th Open Campus Day

22nd february 2007 · The different UdL campus received a total of 1,208 students and 26 teachers of secondary education during the 14th Open Campus Day, "Get to Know UdL" which is organised each year by the Vicerectorate of Student Affairs and the Student Service. The initiative attempts to make the UdL known to future university students by means of guided tours to the university premises and services, together with informative talks about the degrees and services provided by UdL.

inauguració del nou Punt d'Informació i Orientació de la UdL The University Student Service receives more than 10,000 queries every year

14th february 2007 · The Student Service (SEU) at UdL receives between 7,000 and 8,000 queries every year, added to 2,500 more that arrive through email, “all of them being satisfactorily solved”. Such was the declaration of the Vicerector of Student Affairs Xavier Gómez during the inauguration of the new UdL Information and Orientation Point, situated in the new premises that SEU has just opened in the Cappont campus.

La UdL recull més 100 quilos de menjar per al poble sahraui UdL collects more than 100 kilos of food for the Saharan people

5th february 2007 · UdL joined the initiative of the Sahara-Ponent Association “13th Humanitarian Aid Caravan for the Saharan People” in collaboration with the UdL International Cooperation Centre by collecting 54 kilos of lentils, 42 kilos of sugar, and 41 litres of oil for the Saharan people. The porter’s offices in every UdL campus became the food collection points.


Minferri 2006 The skeleton of a pregnant woman, the latest surprise at Minferri

15th January 2007 · The skeleton of a pregnant woman is the latest finding at the excavation in Minferri (Juneda), a bronze-age archaeological site of unique characteristics in Catalonia. Joan López, lecturer in Prehistory at UdL and co-direc­tor of the excavations, evaluated fourteen years of in­terventions in an area of 15,000 square metres, a tenth of the estimated surface of this 4,000-year-old settlement.

UdL awarded to internationalize free software The UdL, awarded with 50,000 dollars to internationalize free software

5th Desember 2006 · The UdL has been awarded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, one of the most prestigious foundations of the United States with respect to patronage of tie programs to the superior education, the new technologies, the culture and the preservation of environment. The Mellon for Award Technology Collaboration, equipped with 50,000 dollars, is framed in the Research program where Information Technologies of the mentioned foundation and recognizes the task of internationalization of the free software that the UDL has taken upon maturity by means of the Sakai project. .

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