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  NEWS. YEAR 2008

29/12/08/ The CENIT DEMÉTER project examines the impact of the climatic change in vineyards. It aims at analysing the differences in strength and the quality of wine-producing grapes in each specific area. [+]

23/12/08/ The research project led by the ICREA-UdL researcher Gustavo Slafer looks for genetic and agricultural improvements that reduce the negative effects of high temperatures in corn harvesting. Aside from Slafer’s team, members of the UdL research group in Agronomy, from Buenos Aires University and from CIMMYT also participate in the project [+]

24/12/08/ 11.5 million Euros are to be invested in construction works at the Science and Technology Park in 2009. The PCiTAL consortium approved the 2009 budget, which also includes one more million Euros for the Park’s internal management, involving a 62% increase with regard to the previous year [+]

22/12/08/ Although its ratification is still pending by the Board of Trustees, the 2009 budget amounts to 77.3 million Euros, which involves a 0,06% decrease with regard to the previous year. On a different matter, the University Senate sessions will be open to the general public from now onwards. [+]

Dia de la Solidaritat amb el Sàhara Occidental a la Universitat de Lleida SOLIDARITY
17/12/08/ UdL adheres to the Day of Solidarity with Western Sahara with awareness-raising actions at the Cappont campus [+]

  Caucus de Robòtica a la Universitat de Lleida ROBOTICS
18/12/08/ Robots equipped with a laser to operate in the dark were the protagonists at Caucus 2008, which took place at the Cappont campus [+]

18/12/08/ UdL Students against the Bologna Plan agreed to put an end to their protest after a meeting with representatives of the Rector’s Offices. Both parties established a calendar of negotiations with round tables and debates that will start in mid February with the aim of reaching an agreement as regards the adaptation of UdL degrees to EHEA [+]

17/12/08/ The exhibition can be visited at the Cappont campus until the 23rd January and covers the time span between the first months of the revolution and the Civil War until the state of Lleida after its occupation by General Franco’s troops. 25 out of the 73 snapshots are being shown in Lleida for the first time. [+]


16/12/08/ Some sixty experts and professionals from all over the world participated in the first international workshop on middle-sized cities, urbanisation and development. This was the starting point of the first UNESCO Chair at UdL, supervised by Josep Maria Llop [+]

Una delegació de Michoacán visita el PCiTAL de Lleida PCiTAL
10/12/08/ A delegation from Michoacán state (Mexico) visited PCiTAL to copy its model of Agri-food Science and Technology Park [+]

  Rafael Bonavita oferirà un concert a la Universitat de Lleida CONCERT
16/12/08/ UdL hosted a performance for guitar and baroque lute by Rafael Bonavita, in the framework of the 16th Music Season at UdL [+]

10/12/08/ No incidents were reported after the fist night of the student sit-in against the Bologna Plan in the Rectorat building. The next morning representatives of students and members of the Rector’s Offices assembled to start negotiations [+]

Comunicat del Rectorat de la Universitat de Lleida EHEA
09/12/08/ Press release of the Rector’s Office with regard to the student sit-in against the Bologna Plan [+]

  Inauguració del servei de bar al Rectorat de la Universitat de Lleida SERVICES
09/12/08/ The Rectorat building opened its new bar service, which offers a daily menu for 7 Euros [+]

05/12/08/ GREA coordinates some fifteen universities, research centres and companies participating in the ConSOLI+DA project, which aims at solving problems resulting from storing energy at high temperatures, such as corrosion, temperature loss or mechanic tension [+]

La Marató de TV3 a la Universitat de Lleida MARATÓ
04/12/08/ UdL contributed with 11,000 Euros to the Catalan TV fundraising event, by providing venues, lighting, heating, cleaning and communication services, as well as staff [+]

  Eleccions a l'Estudiantat a la Universitat de Lleida ELECTION
03/12/08/ More than 7,000 students from UdL centres chose their representatives in the University Senate, Faculty Boards and Department Councils [+]

02/12/08/ The survey "Linguistic attitudes, school and immigration: pupils facing linguistic and cultural diversity", coordinated by UdL lecturer Cecilio Lapresta, was granted one of the most prestigious prizes within the field of education in Spain [+]

Headmouse. Universitat de Lleida. Grup de Robòtica ROBOTICS
27/11/08/ Headmouse, the virtual mouse for users with motor disabilities created by the Robotics research group at UdL, was finalist in the TAW 2008 Prize for the best project in web accessibility [+]

  II Congrés Europeu Esport i Discapacitat Intel·lectual. Universitat de Lleida CONFERENCE
27/11/08/ Disabilities became the centre of debate at UdL during the 2nd European Conference on Sport and Mental Disability and the 8th Symposium on Childhood and Society [+]

26/11/08/ UdL will assign 78,500 Euros to research in ecologic production and nutrition, following a pioneering initiative in Catalonia. The Board of Governors agreed to finance four research projects, as well as to appointing the Lleida linguist Joan Solà Doctor Honoris Causa [+]

Recerca agroalimentària a la UdL RESEARCH
26/11/08/ UdL will obtain more than 500,000 Euros in funding from the Catalan government for the construction of the new centre for research and development in Agri-food [+]

25/11/08/ Catalan universities reasserted their compromise with the Bologna Plan. Rectors are open to dialogue with protesting students, provided that they put an end to their sit-in [+]

25/11/08/ Domingo Molina, lecturer at the Department of Vegetable Production and Forest Science, was awarded the Batefuegos de Oro 2008 prize for research and technology. The 7th edition of these awards was sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Environment and Education [+]


21/11/08/ The renowned actor Lluís Soler has translated this tragedy by William Shakespeare and will present the resulting book at UdL on the 16th December. In turn, the UdL lecturer Pere Rovira has selected poems by Charles Baudelaire for a bilingual edition of The Flowers of Evil in French and Catalan [+]

Xerrada Violències contra les dones. Parlem de desigualtats en un món patriarcal GENDER
24/11/08/ UdL joined in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with banners and a talk about patriarchy in the world [+]

  Portada de El festín de Trispudientillo. Petronio PUBLICATIONS
21/11/08/ A revision of Petronius’ Trimalchio’s Dinner and a compilation of works in Greek literature are two of the publications by the UdL lecturers Matías López and Josep Antoni Clua [+]

19/11/08/ About 200 people among lecturers, students and professionals gathered at the Cappont campus to demand a government law that regulates professional attributions in the field of computer engineering. They claim the same status as other engineering degrees in Spain from the ministries involved [+]


14/11/08/ The active role of users in the decision- making process, changes in the professional relationship between professionals and patients along the last few years or the increase of lawsuits were a few of the issues examined in the symposium. The conference also paid tribute to Doctor Moisès Broggi on the occasion of his hundredth birthday [+]


13/11/08/ The Board of Governors approved the regulation of internships in undergraduate studies, which will be mandatory at UdL in order to obtain a degree. Academic guidelines concerning curricula in EHEA-adapted degrees were also approved [+]

Els responsables de l'Agropolis International de Montpellier, a la Universitat de Lleida PCiTAL
14/11/08/ Representatives from the oldest agri-food park in Europe visited Lleida to join efforts with PCiTAL and carry out shared projects [+]

13/11/08/ UdL will train graduates in Preschool and Primary Education as religion teachers thanks to an agreement signed with the Lleida Institute of Religious Sciences [+]

Filologia Catalana PHILOLOGY
12/11/08/ Representatives of Catalan Studies from the public universities in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia warned against a potential lack of graduates in the near future [+]

  Bernaldo de Quirós, a la UdL CONCERT
11/11/08/ Enrique Bernaldo de Quirós, one of the Spanish young pianists with more international projection, performed Bach, Liszt, Brahms, García Abril and Takemitsu at UdL [+]

Reflexions al voltant de les llengües a la UdL CONFERENCES
05/11/08 UdL started a cycle of talks and round tables to celebrate 2008 as the International Year of Languages [+]

  IV Congrés Universitat i Cooperació al Desenvolupament . Universitat de Lleida COOPERATION
10/11/08 The quality of international cooperation initiatives carried out at universities was the focus of debates at the 4th University and Cooperation for Development Conference [+]

06/11/08/ The search for evidence after a crime has been committed was the starting point in the address Photography and police techniques applied to a crime scene, which opened the 13th Science Week at UdL. Robotics, vegetable biotechnology and scientific photography completed the programme [+]

UdL observed one minute’s silence to condemn the terrorist attack that injured twenty people at the University of Navarra [+]

  Cicle de Cinema i Drets Humans a la Universitat de Lleida CINEMA
The 5th Cinema and Human Rights season at UdL proposed six documentaries on issues such as the effects of AIDS in the Ivory Coast or the struggle of Brazilian peasants [+]

29/10/08/ A survey reveals that the funds invested by institutions in financing university events prove profitable, as the capital invested results in benefits to the area. Lleida receives 2.5 Euros for each Euro invested. These figures represent an 18% of the total amount resulting from business tourism in Lleida [+]

El trio de corda Virdung actua a la UdL CONCERT
UdL opened its 15th Music Season with a medieval music concert by Virdung, in which musicians used replicas of instruments of the period [+]

  El rector de la UdL inaugura la II Trobada Internacional Universitats amb Àfrica COOPERATION
UdL Rector Joan Viñas participated in the 2nd International Meeting of Universities with Africa, held in Mozambique, where he presented the cooperation programmes carried out by ACUP and the Vives Network [+]

24/10/08/   UdL hosted the 6th CEMCAT Symposium with the absence of representatives from newly created faculties. Medicine students discussed the overbooking in enrolment for first-year courses, the adaptation of the Medicine curriculum to EHEA, the MIR examination and the future of the medical profession [+]

Premis de Video Digital UdL 2008  AWARDS
"UdL and I" is the motto with which UdL announced the first edition of its digital video awards, open to all members of the university community and to High School students. [+]

  Universitat de Lleida SEMINAR
UdL hosted a seminar on the Teaching of Spanish Language and Literature that gathered around 50 participants between High School teachers and UdL lecturers. [+]

21/10/08/ The Board of Governors approved the official degrees and Master’s programmes that will be taught in academic year 2009-2010, once they go through a process of validation by ANECA. Highlighted aspects are the transformation of the second cycle of the present degree in Audiovisual Communication into a degree in Communication and Audiovisual Journalism, as well as the creation of a new degree in Biomedicine. [+]


21/10/08/ A study by UdL researcher Paul Christou has been financed by the European Research Council with 2.5 million Euros. Bioforce is a project that aims at alleviating hunger in developing countries by producing highly nutritious corn and rice through genetic modification [+]

Conveni UdL-Diputació per la cessió d'un immoble a La Caparrella AGREEMENT
UdL and the Terres de Lleida University School of Tourism signed an agreement regarding the transfer of a building owned by the Provincial Council at the Caparrella Campus [+]

  La Universitat de Lleida, present a la xina FAIRS
UdL travelled to China to present its educational offer in the China Education Expo 2008, celebrated on the 18th and 19th October [+]

Màster en Desenvolupament i Cooperació. Universitat de Lleida MASTER'S DEGREE
/ UdL starts a Master’s Degree in Development and Cooperation, the only one in this field existing in Catalonia. Its training programme will include the participation of internationally known experts [+]

  Necròpoli al jaciment de la Vilagrasseta. UdL ARCHAEOLOGY
UdL archaeologists uncovered a 7th century necropolis and a 13th century fortification of outstanding archaeological value in Plans de Sió (Segarra) [+]

10/10/08/ The Rectorat building gathered for two days some 150 experts from all over the world to analyse the impact of the increasing population ageing from a multidisciplinary perspective. Its consequences reach beyond medical aspects and affect politics, economy, legal and ethical aspects.  [+]


09/10/08/ This pioneering UdL initiative will allow students to use their card in public transport and get a 10% discount in subsequent recharges for bus trips during 2008. The aim is promoting the use of public transport and sustainable mobility among university members. [+]


08/10/08/ The Lleida Agri-Food Science and Technology Park will host the general deposit of the Catalan Academic Libraries Consortium. Its equipment will rationalise the originals to be stored and will maintain them in perfect environment conditions in order to guarantee their preservation, thus reducing space and costs to the Consortium libraries. [+]

Curs sobre el Patrimoni Cultural de les Terres de Lleida. Universitat de Lleida COURSES
UdL and the Catalan government organised the first course on tourism potential in Lleida as part of the UdL Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage and Local Development [+]

  Marta Giné edita un llibre sobre la Guerra de la Independència a la literatura francesa del segle XIX PUBLICATIONS
UdL lecturer Marta Giné edited a book on the Spanish War of Independence in 19th century French literature, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of this conflict [+]

02/10/08/ Excavations in the Vilars d'Arbeca fortress, leaded by the UdL research group in Archaeology, Prehistory and Ancient History, uncovered an ancient well that could have provided the settlement with drinking water. The findings were made public on the following Sunday. [+]

El professor dfe la UdL Joan-Julià Munné COURSES
For the first time UdL offers a course in Mandarin Chinese for beginners taught by native speakers. The course will take place in the Rectorat building and is open to all citizens [+]

  Signatura del conveni UdL - Prodeca AGREEMENT
UdL will train an agronomic engineer from Sichuan (China) in Oliviculture, thanks to an agreement signed with Prodeca and the Borges Corporation to create a scholarship [+]

26/09/08/ The Board of Governors approved the creation of the UdL Research Ring in order to promote the visibility of research and the transfer of knowledge carried out by its staff, as well as improving the support mechanisms for the development of research activities. Aside from existing research centres at UdL, six new centres will be part of this initiative. [+]

24/09/08/ UdL Rector Joan Viñas took advantage of the official inauguration of academic year 2008-09 to ask the Catalan government to support Lleida as agri-food capital with "effective measures". According to Viñas, "much of UdL’s future is at stake in the degree catalogue" and in the improvement of the finance model for public universities. [+]


22/09/08/ The Chair in Ethics and Political Philosophy Adela Cortina was in charge of the opening lecture that inaugurated the new academic year at UdL on the 24th September. Her speech reviewed the historical models that marked the development of universities and posed new challenges for the 21st century [+]


18/09/08/ The project elaborates on the results obtained by the UdL lecturer Jaume Arnó in the first doctoral thesis on Precision Viticulture written in Spain. The UdL research group in Precision Agriculture, Agrotics and Agrotechnology participates in this project, aimed at achieving balance between quality and quantity in grape harvest [+]

Renovació del web del Servei de Biblioteques de la UdL LIBRARIES
The Library and Documentation Service launches a new web application that improves the services for UdL library users and allows them to create personal accounts [+]

  Àngel Huguet, catedràtic de Psicologia Evolutiva i de l'Educació de la Universitat de Lleida RESEARCH
Àngel Huguet was proposed as surveyor of research projects at the National Science Foundation, one of the chief scientific institutions in the USA [+]

Gestió i innovació en la indústria alimentària MASTER'S DEGREE
UdL will launch a pioneering Master’s degree in management and innovation in food industries, which focuses on fruit, vegetables, vegetable oil and meat products [+]

  Xerrades sobre l'EEES a la UdL EHEA
UdL organises a series of informative lectures in all campuses to explain the changes that the European Higher Education Area will bring about [+]


10/09/08/ The Catalan Government awarded the staff at this ETSEA department a collective prize of 20,000 Euros for their work towards improvement and innovation in university teaching. The award specially highlighted the organisation of a Master’s degree in Swine Health and Production [+]

Inici de curs a la UdL NEW ACADEMIC YEAR
Academic year 2008-2009 opens at UdL on the 15th September with the start of lectures in all faculties. UdL offers a total of 2,030 places in 29 degrees [+]

  Publicacions de la Universitat de Lleida PUBLICATIONS
The Eines (“tools”) Collection, supervised by the Institute of Education Sciences, adds two new titles: Nursing and Palliative Care and General Physics: Laboratory Practices [+]

29/08/08/ UdL hosts the 9th European Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture (ECHAE), which will gather experts from about fifteen countries. This meeting is celebrated in Spain for the first time and aims at analysing the future of education in agriculture and environment. [+]


28/08/08/ The UdL Chair in Urban and Territorial Studies in middle-sized Towns is working on the completion of a workshop about Catalonia and Venezuela. The event will gather Spanish and Latin American specialists with the aim of creating a common discussion space for experts in town planning, geography, sociology, law and economy. [+]


01/08/08/ At the end of August the UdL lecturer in Audiovisual Communication Àlex Teres joined the consulting team of the Democratic candidate in the United States presidential election, Barack Obama. He becomes part of a team in charge of audiovisual support and new media production in the Democratic Party election campaign. [+]


31/07/08/ The research group in Solar Energy and Building Physics at UdL has designed a milk pasteuriser operated by solar energy. This device will benefit rural communities in Nicaragua, especially those engaged in cheese production, since most cheese in this country is produced with non-pasteurised milk. [+]

Llena, Joan Viñas, Santi Planas i Ros en la presentació dek MAQCENTRE 22/06/08/ PCiTAL
The Centre for Innovation in Farm Machinery and Industrial Equipment, launched by UdL, will start functioning at the Agrifood Science and Technology Park early next year [+]

  El Segre al seu pas per Isòvol. Foto: Ramon Batalla (UdL) 17/07/08/ WATER
As Ramon J. Batalla stated at the UdL Summer University, "the problem of water scarcity in Catalonia cannot be solved with desalination plants only. We need a long-term planning, both in terms of water availability and needs." [+]

21/07/08/ The Board of Governors ratified the document Política lingüística: hacia una realidad multilingüe (Language Policies: towards a multilingual reality). The text constitutes a programme to transform UdL into a multilingual university, as established by the UdL Master Plans for Teaching and Internationalisation that operate in the framework of the new European Higher Education Space. [+]


18/07/08/ The University of Lleida hosted the Symposium on Discreet Mathematics and Algorithmics from the 21st to the 23rd July. This workshop gathered more than 110 international experts and became a space for exchange and dissemination of scientific results in areas such as coding theory and combinatory logic. [+]


16/07/08/ End 2008 is the deadline fixed by UdL to Factor Habast, the building company that was awarded the contract for the building and management of 150 subsidised rental flats. These apartments will be available to university members in September 2010 [+]

Universitat d'Estiu de la UdL 14/07/08/ SUMMER UNIVERSITY
Literary Routes across Andorra or Healthy Eating are just two proposals for courses that will be taught this week at the Summer University in La Seu d'Urgell [+]

  Hagiografia peninsular en els segles medievals 15/07/08/ PUBLICATIONS
Peninsular Hagiography in the Middle Age gathers several studies on the cult to saints. The book was presented in the summer course coordinated by Francesc Fité and Francesca Español  [+]

11/07/08/ Àngels Santa, Chair in French Philology at UdL, has just published the first collection of articles that the French writer and philosopher Paul Nizan wrote about the Spanish Civil War. De la España ensoñada a la España Republicana (Spain: from lethargic to Republican) comes ahead of another edition of the same articles, soon to be published in France. [+]
Sandra Balcells a la Universitat d'Estiu de la UdL 10/07/08/  SUMMER UNIVERSITY
According to photojournalist Sandra Balsells, the report is becoming increasingly less present in the media. She is teaching a course in international reporterism at the UdL Summer University [+]

  Lliurament d'Orles a l'ETSEA 08/07/08/  GRADUATION CEREMONY
For the first time in the last 30 years, ETSEA hosted a graduation ceremony. Its protagonists were this year’s graduates in Agricultural Engineering [+]


07/07/08/ The theatre, cinema and TV actor Jordi Boixaderas opened the 16th edition of the UdL Summer University. His talk bore the title "It’s the dubbing, you fools" and aimed at defending dubbing from its alleged responsibility for certain cultural lacks. [+]

Parlament de Catalunya 07/06/08/   STUDENTS
From today and until next Friday, ten UdL students will become members of the Catalan Parliament as part of a debate simulation for a draft on the Journalist Statutea [+]

  Reunió a la Universitat de Lleida amb el rector de la Universitat de Tolima 04/07/08/  COOPERATION
UdL will provide the University of Tolima (Colombia) with counselling on scientific parks. Both institutions will also collaborate in the training of postgraduate students [+]


04/07/08/ According to the last report of the CyD Foundation of Banco Santander, UdL is classified among the twelve best universities in Spain. UdL leads the ranking as regards the ratio of library seats per student, and it is the public university with more European students in Catalonia [+]
Presentació del Pla d'Igualtat de la UdL al Parlament de Catalunya 03/07/08/  EQUALITY
UdL presented its Plan for Gender Equality to the Commission for Women’s Rights at the Catalan Parliament, together with the rest of Catalan universities [+]

  Premis a treballs de recerca d'estudiants de Batxillerat i Cicles Formatius. Universitat de Lleida01/07/08/  AWARDS
The secondary education students awarded with the prizes to the best research works will be exempt from paying fees during their first year at university [+]


01/07/08/ Experts and lecturers from over a hundred European and American universities participated in the 5th International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation. New technologies and group work among lecturers were some of the issues debated at UdL [+]
Els experts alemanys a la facultat de Medicina de la UdL 30/06/08/ BIOMEDICINE
Experts from Germany counsel UdL in the development of the curriculum in Biomedicine, which will start being taught in academic year 2009-10 [+]

  Presentació a la UdL de la Guia de l'energia al sector agrari 30/06/08/ SUSTAINABILITY
ETSEA hosted the presentation of Guide to energy in the agricultural sector in an event presided by the Catalan Minister of Environment and Housing Francesc Baltasar [+]


27/06/08/ The UdL Board of Governors approved its first Plan for Gender Equality with 29 votes in favour, 3 against and 2 blank votes. The nearly 100 measures proposed by the Dolors Piera Centre at UdL to achieve equal opportunities between men and women prospered. [+]
Simulacre del Màster en Medicina i Cirurgia d'Urgències a la UdL 26/06/08/ SIMULATION
Students in the MSc in Medicine and Emergency Surgery participated in a bus accident simulation in Balaguer with the aim of testing their capacity in emergency response [+]

  El rector de la UNNE, Óscar Valdés, a la UdL 26/06/08/ UNESCO CHAIR
UdL organised the 1st International Symposium on Middle-Sized Towns, together with UNESCO and eight more universities from all over the world [+]

Lliurament del quadre d'Ignasi Puente a la UdL 19/06/08/ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
UdL was presented with a painting by the Lleida artist Ignasi Puente, as an acknowledgement of PhD students for the training received. [+]

  borsa de valors 25/06/08/ AWARDS
Four UdL students were awarded with the first prize in the 4th Catalonia Stock Market Simulation Contest, outperforming teams from Girona, Tarragona and UOC [+]

20/06/08/ During the presentation of the Catalan universities’ White Paper in Lleida, the Rectors of UdL and URV stated the need for a scholarship system that guarantees fairness as regards access to higher education. They claimed that taxes paid by students should be adapted to each family’s purchasing power. [+]


19/06/08/ Most of the volunteers examined by members of a research group from the Department of Basic Medical Sciences showed a predisposition to osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases. This group took DNA samples of participants with the aim of studying three genes related to several pathologies and giving nutritional recommendations in order to prevent them. [+]

18/06/08/ From Sunday 22nd June the Iberian fortress of Vilars in Arbeca can be observed from a height of 28 metres. Its Open Day presented the last archaeological works that allowed draining and conditioning the moat, as well as restoring the North façade and the fortified access to the North gate. [+]
Publicacions de la Universitat de Lleida. La nostra cultura. Art, festes, llegendes i tradicions populars a Lleida 13/06/08/ PUBLICATIONS
UdL Publications has just issued a pedagogical work on art, festivals, folklore and popular traditions in Lleida [+]

  Signatura del conveni entre la UdL i l'ALLEM 18/06/08/ AGREEMENT
UdL will collaborate with the Consortium of Associations for the Care of Disabled Persons in the development of a functional plan at the Centre for Research, Education and Training on disabilities [+]

12/06/08/ The eight public universities in Catalonia presented their White Paper, supported by the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP). Its aim is to encourage reflections over Europe and to open social debate on the future of higher education and research. [+]
Proves de Selectivitat a la UdL 10/06/08/ UNIVERSITY ACESS
From the 10th to the 12th June UdL hosted the university access examinations. A total of 1530 secondary education students registered, from which 1392 took the exam in Lleida and 138 did so in La Seu d'Urgell [+]

  Lliurament de les credencials de les beques Bancaja UdL 12/06/08/ GRANTS
45 students will benefit from the first Bancaja - UdL International Scholarships to promote student mobility. Mexico, Argentina, the United States and Canada are some of the chosen destinations [+]

11/06/08/ This Professor in Gynaecology and Obstetrics gave a masterclass on biologic and medical facts that affect the lives of women, whom he described as "chronic moonlighters". [+]

06/06/08/ Around 80 fourth-year Medicine students were tested in clinical competence. UdL carries out these examinations in the fourth and sixth year in order to promote practical training. [+]

Segell dedicat a Joan Oró 02/06/08/ STAMP
UdL hosts the presentation of a stamp dedicated to the prestigious Lleida scientist Joan Oró. The Post Office has issued a million copies [+]
  Plantada de l'Arbre de les Cultures al Campus de Cappont de la UdL 03/06/08/ HISTORY
Celebrations to commemorate the 800 anniversary of King Jaume I’s birth started with the planting of a yew tree, which was named Cultures Tree [+]

03/06/08/ The UdL Forestry student Pau Brunet has become one of the first Europeans to start classifying the amphibians and reptiles in the North Algeria Saharan Atlas. His study of these vertebrates can provide indications to scientists about the climate change in the Mediterranean area. [+]

Josep Maria Rofes i Joan Viñas. Conveni Agrònoms - Universitat de Lleida 30/05/08/  AGREEMENT
The Library and Documentation Service opens for Agricultural Engineers thanks to an agreement between the university and the Catalonia Professional Association [+]
  Papereres de recollida selectiva a la UdL 30/05/08/ RECYCLING
UdL has increased selective waste collection by 53,58%. Its campuses recycled around 20,600 kg paper and cardboard in 2007 [+]

El curs de Francesc Fité i Francesa Español és un dels que ja ha cobert les places disponibles 28/05/08/ COURSES
The Summer University shows a high number of inscriptions and four courses have closed registration after having covered all available places. Students who enrolled before the 30th May obtained a 15% discount [+]
  El professor de la Universitat de Lleida, Jordi Garreta 29/05/08/ EDUCATION
UdL lecturer Jordi Garreta was appointed member of the jury in the 2008 edition of the celebrated National Education Research Awards [+] 

27/05/08/ Following a decision of the Board of Governors, UdL will finance up to five research projects related to ecological production and nutrition. Among other agreements, the Board of Governors also approved an early retirement plan for teaching staff and new study programmes for the first bachelor degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area. [+]

26/05/08/ The university Senate approved the Rector’s annual management report with 49 votes for, 26 against, and 27 blank votes. The Rector Joan Viñas viewed these results as positive and stated the need to continue working towards quality in a time he described as "difficult for public universities". [+]

Rampa per a minusvàlids a la biblioteca de Lletres de la Universitat de Lleida 26/05/08/ INTEGRATION
The Catalan Government Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants provided UdL with almost 16,000 Euros in funding to cater for the needs of people with disabilities [+] 

  Exposició Lleida3008. David Del Val - Universitat de Lleida 26/05/08/ EXHIBITION
The Cappont Cultures Centre exhibits David del Val’s apocalyptic vision of Lleida in the next millennium. Arid landscapes and the struggle over water resources inform his photographic discourse [+] 

23/05/08/ The School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSEA) will establish cooperation links with the French Study Committee for Pesticide Application Techniques (CIETAP). Representatives from this institution, which is a branch of the prestigious French Crop Protection Association, visited UdL on Thursday and Friday in order to familiarise with the research projects that are currently being carried out. [+]

22/05/08/ The National Agency for Quality, Assessment and Accreditation Trust has accepted all the proposals for new degrees presented by the University of Lleida for the academic year 2008-09. These are the first four bachelor degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area, namely Animal Science and Health, History, Art History and Geography. [+]

22/05/08/ The presence of women in universities is pervasive and women constitute over 56% of UdL students. However, there are still many targets to be reached as regards equal opportunities. These are the conclusions of a survey conducted by the Dolors Piera centre, which will be used to draw up the first University of Lleida Equal Opportunities Programme. [+]

21/05/08/ UdL and the Lleida Technological Institute started to work on the joint organisation of a master’s degree in Bioconstruction. This degree will be unique in Spain and will examine, among other issues, the use of non-toxic materials or new building solutions. The agreement signed between both institutions will lead to the organisation of the first symposium on sustainability [+]

20/05/08/ UdL will request funding from the National Subprogramme for Scientific and Technological Research in order to finish construction works in the first building of the Biomedical Research Institute. On a different matter, construction projects have been awarded for the Knowledge Design and Audiovisual Production Centre, located in the Agro-food Scientific and Technological Park (PCiTAL). [+]

El poeta lleidatà Màrius Torres 20/05/08/ PUBLICATIONS
The UdL lecturer Marta Giné has been the first to translate the poems by Màrius Torres into French. The poet’s brother accompanied the author in the presentation of this anthology[+]

  Premi ASPID per a la UdL 20/05/08/ AWARDS
The Lleida Association of Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Persons awarded the 9th ASPID Prize to UdL for its contribution to the social adaptation of the physically disabled [+] 

15/05/08/ Joan Julià-Muné, lecturer in the Department of Catalan Studies and Communication at UdL, will advise newsreaders and sports journalists from the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation in matters such as the pronunciation of Mandarin and the adaptation of Chinese names into Catalan. [+]

14/05/08/ Four UdL students from Human Nutrition and Dietetics, leaded by the lecturer David de Lorenzo, will propose personalised diets on the basis of genetic tests. According to this pioneer study, the genetic information obtained from these tests will allow patients to improve their health through appropriate eating habits. [+]

14/05/08/ The 8th edition of the Interuniversity Theatre Festival took place in Lleida on the 19th and 20th May following an initiative launched by UdL in 2000. This year’s programme included four theatre plays, three of which were original creations. [+]

Els representants de la UdL al Catalonia Model United Nations 2008 09/05/08/  INTERNACIONAL MEETING
Two UdL students represented Angola in the Catalonia Model United Nations conference. The meeting took place in Barcelona and gathered 400 students from 96 universities from all over the world [+]

  Agrònom de Ferro a la UdL08/05/08/ "AGRÒNOM DE FERRO"
On Thursday 8th May ETSEA celebrated its most important festival, Agrònom de Ferro. The celebrations included a tractor race, the traditional gymkhana and several concerts [+]  

El Headmouse, premiat al Ciutat de Lleida d'Informàtica 2008 02/05/08/ AWARDS
UdL received two awards in the 18th edition of the Ciutat de Lleida Computer Engineering Contest. The awarded works were Headmouse, a virtual mouse designed for people with motor disabilities, and a photography webpage [+]

  Bandera de la UE 02/04/08/ EUROPE DAY
The European Documentation Centre (CDE) celebrated Europe Day on the 9th May with different activities in the Cappont and ETSEA Campus, all of which were open to the whole university community [+] 

30/04/08/ The University of Lleida will collaborate with the University of California - Davis, one of the world’s leading universities in the field of Agro-food. Both institutions will sign a cooperation agreement with the aim of promoting development in basic scientific and technological research, as well as joint graduate and postgraduate programmes. [+]

29/04/08/ The sociolinguist Humberto López Morales was invested Doctor Honoris Causa by UdL. The Udl Professor in Spanish Mª Ángeles Calero presented this Cuban lecturer, who delivered a speech entitled The struggle of indigenous languages in Latin America (La lucha de las lenguas indígenas en Hispanoamérica). [+]

28/04/08/ The 16th edition of the Summer university offers 30 courses this year, three more than in the 2007 edition, as well as four collaborations. Themes range from art and humanities to economy, computer applications, environment, health and nutrition. References to current issues such as draught, domestic violence, photojournalism or television are also present. [+]

25/04/08/ Around fifteen students in the module Humour and its expression as a therapeutic instrument took their examination yesterday in front of children patients in the paediatric ward at Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital. UdL is the only university in Spain to teach this subject. [+]

Concurs de Fotografia entreCultures08. Rafel Barta. Universitat de Lleida 25/04/08 AWARDS
Rafel Barta won the 4th edition of the entreCultures Photography Contest organised by the Faculty of Education. The winner of the 20th Sant Jordi Literary Award was also made public [+]  
  Publicacions de la Universitat de Lleida 25/04/08 NEW BOOK RELEASES
UdL Publications has edited three new volumes in April on the subjects of Anthropology, Contemporary History and short fiction [+] 

23/04/08/ "Contrasted voices of PAS at UdL" is the title of a sociological study conducted by Fidel Molina, which analyses the situation of clerical staff at UdL. Its conclusions assert that one of the weak points at UdL is that no real mechanism for conflict resolution has been developed in order to help staff members who find themselves in a situation of vulnerability or mobbing, although the work environment has been qualified as "pleasant and positive". [+]

Diada de Sant Jordi a la Universitat de Lleida 23/04/08 SANT JORDI
On the occasion of Saint George’s Day, the Publications Service offers discounts on works edited by UdL, and the ETSEA Library will give a book to all those who use the loan service today [+]  
  XII Festa Major de l'Estudiantat de la UdL 23/04/08 STUDENT'S DAY FESTIVAL
On Thursday the Student Council celebrates the 12th edition of the Student’s Day Festival with an event-filled agenda. Rock concerts, sports, “correfoc” (fire run), human towers and the Ecological Bicycle Ride are just some of the activities scheduled [+] 

21/04/08/ On April 29 Medicine students at UdL will participate in a demonstration in Barcelona against the opening of new faculties and “the deterioration of medical training”. This “white coat” protest will take place at 12h at Sant Jaume Square and will gather students from the four university centres where studies in Medicine can be pursued: UdL, UB, UAB and URV. [+]

Jornades Mestres del 58 a la UdL 16/04/08 SYMPOSIUM
Teachers who graduated in 1958 demand respect for their profession. This is the main claim in the seminar taking place at UdL on the 17th, 18th and 19th April to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the symposium Education, a profession to love [+]  
  Centre Experimental per a la Producció Audiovisual, Multimèdia, Digitalització i Arxiu de Continguts (Magical) de la UdL15/04/08 PCiTAL
Construction works for the Experimental Centre for Audiovisual Production, Multimedia, Digitalisation and Content Archive (Magical) are set to commence in the next quarter of 2008, according to the deadlines scheduled by the people responsible at PCiTAL [+] 

Presentació del sistema robotitzat intel·ligent d'alimentació de porcs An intelligent robotised system can reduce costs and residues in pig farms

14/04/08/ UdL has developed an intelligent robotised system in collaboration with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. This pioneering system is the first in the world to reduce feeding costs and contaminating residues in pig farms between 12 and 20%. [+]
Edifici CREA de la UdL 15/04/08 WORKSHOP
About twenty experts in thermal energy from Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria and Japan will gather at UdL this week, on the occasion of a workshop organised by the International Energy Agency [+]  
  Jornadesa la UdL: El conflicte d'Iraq i el Dret internacional 14/04/08 SYMPOSIUM
On April 8 2003 the journalist José Couso was shot in Baghdad by American tank fire. His death, together with other human rights violations resulting from the war in Iraq, will be analysed during the symposium The Conflict in Iraq and International Law [+] 

11/04/08/ UdL students have won 42 medals in the Catalonia University Championship 2007-2008. They obtained nine more medals with respect to the previous edition: 13 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 16 bronze medals. UdL representatives are already training for the Spanish Championship, which will take place between the 20th April and the 11th May. [+]

Sul Tasto Sextet a la Temporada Musical de la UdL 08/04/08 CONCERT
The Soul Tatxo Sextet will offer a concert tomorrow evening in the Rectorat building Assembly Room. The concert includes pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jordi Leon, Ludwig Thuille and Ennio Morricone [+]
Humoràlia 10/04/08 AGREEMENT
UdL and Humoràlia have signed an agreement to confirm their mutual cooperation. Their chief joint activity is the Black Humour Literary Contest, which is celebrated every two years [+]   

08/04/08/ The Rectorat building will host the 1stt International Conference on Co-development from the 16th to the 19th April. This conference is organised by the UdL Cooperation Centre for Rural Development, The Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation, the Town Council, the Red Cross, the NGO Development Organisation and other solidarity associations in Lleida [+]

03/04/08/ Completion of the new 150 university apartments which are due to be built in the Ciutat Jardí area is targeted for the 1st September 2010. Among other agreements, the Board of Governors approved a set of specifications to invite tenders for the design, financing, construction and management of the UdL university apartments. [+]

02/04/08/ The Bachelor degree dissertation written by Marcel Tresanchez, a student at the Higher Polytechnic School, is currently the most visited document on RECERCAT, a digital database that includes research documents from universities and research centres in Catalonia. Furthermore, the documents that achieved the fourth and fifth position as regards the number of visitors were also written by two UdL students. [+]
Edifici del Rectorat 03/04/08 CONFERENCE
Gender violence, minors and traffic will be some of the issues discussed at the Conference Penal Law response to violence: risk prevention and management, to be celebrated on the 10th and 11th April in the Cappont Cultures Centre [+] 
Estand de la UdL 01/04/08 FAIRS
The Estudia 2008 Education Fair will open tomorrow in Barcelona, where a stand will publicise the study offer at UdL. Visitors will also be able to find information about UdL in the Futura Master and Postgraduate Fair and in the Aula de Madrid Fair.

31/03/08/ On the 3rd and 4th of April more than 850 secondary school students from Lleida city and province participated in MERCATEC, an exhibition of technology projects from different secondary education centres in Catalonia, organised by the Epson Foundation and the Generalitat Government. The Lleida exhibition held 63 projects, 190 display stands and more than 850 participants, becoming the biggest MERCATEC in Catalonia. [+]

Edifici del Rectorat 31/03/08 CONTEST
On the occasion of the remodelling works in the surroundings of the Rectorat car park, the town council has announced a mural painting contest to decorate its walls.
Programa Santander-CRUE de Mobilitat Iberoamericana 25/03/08 MOBILITY
Three UdL students will benefit from the Santander-CRUE Programme in Latin-American Mobility, sponsored by Banco Santander, in the framework of the Conference of Spanish University Rectors (CRUE) [+]

Xarxa Vives d'Universitats 18/03/08 VIVES NETWORK
A group of students from the Faculty of Law and Economics at UdL leaded by the lecturer in Administrative Law Antonio Ezquerra will participate in the 4th University Debate Competition, organised by the Vives University Network [+]
Marlene Dietrich, a la Filmoteca de la UdL 25/03/08 CINEMA
Alfred Hitchcock and Marlene Dietrich are the central characters in the next season at the Cine-Ull Arthouse Cinema. The season will start on March 31 with the showing of one of the most significant among Hitchcock’s films, The Man Who Knew Too Much [+]

18/03/08/ The Catalan Minister for Culture and the Media Joan Manuel Tresserras and the Lleida cinema director Jaume Balagueró were two of the protagonists at the 5th edition of the UdL Communication Week, celebrated in the Rectorat building from the 31st March to the 3rd April. This week reflected upon issues such as the three-screen (TV, mobile and computer) and the potential contribution that these ever-evolving technologies can bring to their users [+]
EUA Spring Conference 13/03/08 EUA
UdL will take part in the  EUA Spring Conference, which will take place in Barcelona on the 28th, 29th and 30th March. The symposium is organised by the European Association of Universities and more than 300 institutions of higher education from all over Europe are due to attend.
La UdL, a les fires d'europostgraus 2008 de Mèxic 14/03/08 EXHIBITIONS
The University of Lleida participated in the European Postgraduate Fairs 2008 celebrated in Monterrey and Mexico D.F. (Mexico) from the 6th to the 9th March, which received more than 20,000 visitors. [+]

17/03/08/ In 2008 Universitat de Lleida Publications celebrates its 15th anniversary. Boasting an editorial archive of nearly a thousand works, this UdL service will publish a catalogue with cover illustrations by the painter from Alt Urgell Perico Pastor. The catalogue publishes an average of 30 new volumes each year and is fully consolidated in the Spanish academic environment. [+]

13/03/08/ Anna Mata, lecturer in the Department of Geography and Sociology at UdL, has recently been appointed coordinator of the Algeria Universities Programme organised by the Vives University Network. The programme has formulated more than 40 measures that involve training, research and awareness campaigns to promote interuniversity relationships with Maghreb. Both lecturers and students at UdL will contribute to various projects and activities within the programme. [+]
Signatura del conveni UdL-PIMEC 13/03/08 AGREEMENT
PIMEC Lleida will cooperate with UdL in defining the university degrees that adjust to the European Higher Education Area, following the framework collaboration agreement signed yesterday by the highest representatives of both institutions. [+]
Campionats Universitaris d'Escacs a la UdL 12/03/08 SPORTS
Guillem Baches, a PhD student at EPS (Higher Polytechnic School), achieved the fourth position in the Catalan Chess University Championship celebrated yesterday in the Cappont Campus. [+]

Cartell Universitat d'Estiu de la UdL 2008  11/03/08/ The second-year Illustration student at the Lleida School of Fine Arts Ares Juclà won the 11th edition of the Poster Design Contest for UdL Summer University. Her project "Estiudents" was selected among 42 candidates for its freshness and neatness. [+]   Associació Catalana d'Universitats Públiques 10/03/08/ The University of Lleida has joined the whole of Catalan public universities in condemning the terrorist attack of the 7th March that killed Isaías Carrasco, former town council member for PSE in Mondragón. [+]

10/03/08/ The Technical School of Agricultural Engineering at UdL will offer guidance to the School of Agricultural, Farming and Forestry Studies at the National University of Equatorial Guinea concerning the design of their new course programmes in Agrifood Engineering. This is one among other agreements between both universities promoted by the Catalunya – Africa Institute. [+]
Exposició homenatge a Ramon Barnils a la UdL 07/03/08/ The exhibition “Ramon Barnils, a byword for journalism” will be inaugurated next Monday. Its main aim is asserting the importance of promoting rigorous journalism that struggles against dirigism and fosters reflection, as Barnils himself vindicated. [+]   Associació Catalana d'Universitats Públiques 07/03/08/ The Public Universities emitted a press release with reference to the student strike occurred on the 6th March 2008 and to the events that had taken place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) two days before. [+]

07/03/08/ The business initiative Trigen Solar SL, launched by an entrepreneurial group from UdL, was awarded a prize in the 8th Contest of Business Ideas organised by the Centre for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM) of the Generalitat Government. The award acknowledges the best business idea in the areas of chemistry and environment. L' Use-it, another project originated at UdL, was one of the finalists.  [+]
Jornades sobre Cultura Xinesa a la UdL 06/03/08/ Yesterday the Lleida diplomat and former Spanish Ambassador to China Eugeni Bregolat opened the Symposium in Chinese Culture, organised by UdL and Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs. The sessions will take place at IEI and the UdL Rectorat building until the 14th May. [+]   Exposició sobre Ramon Llull a la UdL 03/03/08/ IEMed’s exhibition about Ramon Llull, which has already been shown in Palma (Majorca), Barcelona, Algiers and Perpignan, can now be seen at the UdL Culture Centre (Cappont Campus) before moving to Casablanca in April. The exhibition examines the life and works of the philosopher from Majorca. [+]

05/03/08/ The UdL lecturer in Sociology Fidel Molina coordinates RINEIB, an international research network on multicultural bilingual education. RINEIB was recently created to promote exchange and collaboration in research and teaching carried out within the area of education and, more specifically, on bilingual and multilingual intercultural education.  [+]

04/03/08/ Jordi Garreta, lecturer in Sociology at UdL, presented a survey at the Madrid head office of the Spanish School Council that evidences the low participation of parents in Parent-Teacher Associations (AMPA) all over Spain. Although nearly 57.5 % of Spanish families are registered as members, only 32% of them participate in activities organised by AMPA, while the percentage of those attending its meetings is reduced to 18.3%.   [+]

03/03/08/ The University of Lleida will invest 3 million Euros in 3 years in order to adapt its spaces to the European Higher Education Area. This adaptation will imply restructuring and modifying classrooms and seminar rooms, as well as buying new computer facilities and expanding wi-fi areas. Also in relation to the EHEA, the Board of Directors approved the regulations that concern enrolment in new bachelor and master degrees, together with those affecting former degree qualifications.   [+]
Concert homenatge a Vinyes a la UdL 04/03/08/ Next Wednesday the UdL Music Workshop will offer a concert that pays tribute to the Lleida pianist and composer Ricard Vinyes, consisting of pieces by Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Enric Granados, Joaquin Rodrigo, Frederic Mompou and Manuel de Falla [+]   Mayor Zaragoza, a la Universitat de Lleida 03/03/08. The former Secretary General of UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza attended the meeting of the Triptolemos Foundation, Albert i Jordi Solé Tura, a la UdL of which UdL is a member. Albert Solé and his father, the politician Jordi Solé Tura, were at UdL during the presentation of the documentary Bucarest: the lost memories. [+]

26/02/08 A UdL research group in Human Genetics leaded by Joan Fibla revealed that people with a lesser capacity to respond to Vitamin D are less prone to become infected by VHS. The study was published in Journal of Infectious Diseases, a prominent international publication in this field.  [+]

25/02/08 · The Romà Sol and Carme Torres collection can be accessed in the Faculty of Arts Library, after being donated by its owners in May 2004. The official inauguration took place last Friday, once a space in the library was refurbished to host this large compilation of documents and printed works. The collection has an outstanding amount of works that have Lleida as their connecting thread despite their diverse subject matter: they are published in Lleida, they make reference to Lleida, or their author is from Lleida. [+]
Jornada de Campus Oberts a la UdL 22/02/08 · Today more than 1,200 High School students visit UdL on its Open Campus Day. The event is organised by the Vice-Rectorate of Students, the Student Council, the University Student Service and the university centres. [+]   La pianista Erin Yamamoto actuarà a la Universitat de Lleida 22/02/08 · The trio leaded by the pianist Eri Yamamoto will perform at UdL on Friday the 29th February. Yamamoto will be one of the most distinguished participants in this year’s edition of the renowned Terrassa Jazz Festival [+]

UdL Biotechnology students have a new cell culture practice laboratory: very few laboratories that specialise in this technique exist in Spain for the sole use of students. The 25 third-year students in Biotechnology will use this laboratory during their practical sessions in Immunology and Cell Culture until the end of this academic year. These facilities will also be open to Medicine students in 2008/2009. ampliar informació

The theatre, cinema and television actor Jordi Boixaderas will open the eighth edition of the Dramaturgical Writing and Scenic Dramaturgy Seminar organised by UdL. This year’s edition is also supported by Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs and has the actor’s performing talent as its connecting thread. According to its organisers, the Seminar chiefly attempts to dignify and bring attention to the actor’s reality. It will consist of ten lectures by renowned artists such as Boixaderas. ampliar informació

Last Friday the President of the Catalan Government José Montilla inaugurated the new Faculty of Education building. Accompanying the President were, among others, the architect who designed the building, Alvaro Siza, the UdL Rector Joan Viñas and the Dean of the Faculty of Education Mar Moreno. This 6,600 square-metre building has been financed by the Generalitat government, the Santander Bank and the Lleida Provincial Council. Montilla, Viñas and the other authorities in attendance praised the Siza building and remarked its contribution to enhance the local architectural heritage. ampliar informació

This academic year 21 UdL students will study in various countries across America thanks to the scholarships awarded by Fundación Bancaja. Bancaja and UdL signed a collaboration agreement to create the Bancaja - UdL International Scholarships, which award 700, 1,200 and 1,800 Euros depending on the duration of the stay abroad. Students will be able to spend one or two semesters in a university outside Europe and validate the studies pursued there once back at UdL ampliar informació

Ten students ride a UdL bicycle since yesterday thanks to a bicycle loan pilot project launched by the Vice-Rectorate of Students, following a petition from the Student Council. Ten out of the seventeen bicycles acquired by the university have already been assigned, and the remaining seven will be offered to the students in mobility programmes who arrived in Lleida last week. This pioneer programme among Catalan universities aims at promoting bicycles as an efficient, fast, cheap, comfortable, sustainable and healthy means to move around Lleida. ampliar informació

UdL Students Approval of degree catalogue for next academic year

Today the Board of Governors approved a statement calling for the degrees to be taught at UdL in 2008/2009. The statement includes the course programmes in the degrees of History, Art History, Geography and Animal Science and Health. The Vice-Rector for Teaching Isabel del Arco highlighted the mandatory nature of internships in all degrees, a requirement proposed to this day only by UdL. Course programmes will establish a maximum of ten modules per year, competence in specific and transversal skills, a number of modules taught in English, and English language courses for specific areas in each degree. more information

29th January 2008
The Spanish Minister of Housing Carme Chacón announced that UdL will offer 150 apartments at a subsidised rent to its students, visiting lecturers and researchers within a period of two years. Today Chacón ratified an agreement between the university and the Town Council, according to which the latter provides UdL with a building site for the apartments’ forthcoming construction. They will be located in the Ciutat Jardí expansion area next to Onze de Setembre Sports Pavilion, with a monthly rent between 75 and 200 Euros. more information

28th January 2008
Last Friday Ramon Roca was officially appointed President of the UdL Board of Trustees during a ceremony chaired by the Catalan Minister of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise Josep Huguet. Roca replaces Josep Maria Pujol, who promoted UdL Strategic Plans and decidedly supported a degree in Veterinary Science at UdL. During his visit, Minister Huguet also inaugurated the new facilities at the Faculty of Medicine. A new module is now attached to its Teaching Unit, located in the Health Sciences Campus at Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital. more information

28th January 2008
With the aim of guaranteeing equal opportunities to students with disabilities (33% or higher), UdL has destined 23,000 Euros in resources to facilitate a normal development of their academic life. This equipment will be supervised by the unit UdL per a tothom (UdL for Everyone), coordinated by the lecturer Jordi Coiduras, and will be available to both students and teaching / administrative staff. At present there are 30 students and 9 members of administrative staff with disabilities at UdL (mainly auditory, motor and visual).

Three FM devices have been bought to improve communication for students with a hearing loss. Other purchases are a speech recognition programme in 13 languages that allows controlling a PC, formatting, editing documents and surfing the Internet, as well as speech recognition software that enables a visually impaired or blind person to access the contents of a computer screen using voice commands. The unit “UdL per a tothom” also features three portable interactive whiteboard units that allow storing all the information written on them and two magnifiers for reading printed books that enlarge the original size up to 46 times. more information

23th January 2008
Villiers de l’Isle-Adam. L'amour, le temps, la mort, written by the UdL lecturer Marta Giné, has been recently published by Éditions l’Harmattan, one of the most renowned publishing houses in Paris. Her study about the French writer Villiers de l’I sle-Adam (1838-1889) claims the present relevance of the author’s works, which France is currently rediscovering through the reprinting of his works and thanks to essays such as Giné’s. The volume by Giné, Professor in French at UdL, describes the ways in which Villiers de l’Isle-Adam was ahead of his time by anticipating the traits of present-day society. more information

21st January 2008
The Rectors of the University of Lleida and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Joan Viñas i Lluís Ferrer, have signed an agreement for academic collaboration between the two institutions to create a joined degree in Veterinary Science. Viñas and Ferrer were accompanied by the Catalan Minister of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise Josep Huguet, and both Rectors emphasised that the agreement consolidates the Catalan university system as a whole, free from local divisions.

As Joan Viñas declared, “we all benefit from this: the universities, the Ministry, the system and our country”. The agreement will allow UdL students who complete the degree in Animal Science and Health to pursue studies in Veterinary Science, which will be shared with UAB. This new four-year degree will be offered at UdL from next academic year. more information

18th January 2008
In February the University of Lleida will host the projection of Bucharest, the Lost Memory, a documentary that Albert Solé dedicated to his father, Jordi Solé Tura, and which will not be shown in any cinemas in Lleida. According to the Vice-Rector for Cultural Activities and University Projection Jaume Barrull, the director expressed his satisfaction that the film is shown at UdL as a tribute to one of the founders of the Spanish Constitution and Culture Minister during the government of Felipe González. Jordi Solé Tura was Professor in Law and Dean at the University of Barcelona, and he was appointed Doctor Honoris Causa at UdL in 2004 for his outstanding career in favour of democracy and freedom. more information

Control del ratolí mitjançant una webcam i els moviments del cap. Headmouse de la Universitat de Lleida

17th january 2008
People with motor disabilities who own a PC with a webcam will have free access to a virtual mouse that reacts to face and head movements. This has been made possible by the Headmouse project, developed by Jordi Palacín, Tomàs Pallejà and Edgar Rubión from Càtedra Indra - Adecco Foundation at the University of Lleida. The device operates by using a low-cost camera that captures the user’s actions in front of the screen: head movements are translated into a displacement of the mouse on the screen and facial movements are converted into different ways of clicking.

As Palacín explained, the system incorporates various innovations, such as the use of computer vision algorithms, which were initially developed in the field of mobile robotics. ampliar información

The Agrifood Scientific and Technological Park of Lleida (PCiTAL) consortium

16th january 2008
The Agrifood Scientific and Technological Park of Lleida (PCiTAL), a consortium shared in equal parts by the University of Lleida and the Town Council, has offered the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (DAR) to enter their association. Yesterday The PCiTAL Board of Directors approved inviting DAR to be part of their body of shareholders, particularly by means of their participation in IRTA (Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology) with the goal of promoting research in this area. ampliar información


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